15 Ways The Baby Bump Can Be Useful

By the time women have reached the stage of their pregnancy where there is no doubt that they are, well, expecting, they’ve been waiting for that bump to pop so that they can show the world that they ...

15 Ways C-Sections Can Destroy The Body

A woman finds herself two weeks overdue, then her doctor tells her, "It's time to consider a c-section." In her mind there is nothing to consider. She does not want to go under the knife, and who can ...

15 Foods You Didn't Know Can Cause A Miscarriage

The first trimester can be an agonizingly anxious time for many Mums-to-be who desperately count down the days until they reach the second trimester. Those first twelve to fourteen weeks of pregnancy ...

15 Ways Mom's Stress Impacts Baby

Life is stressful, and so is pregnancy, and parenthood. It seems never-ending, and that things will never be easy. In some ways many of us become used to a stressed-out and manic existence, rarely tak...

15 BS Excuses Expecting Moms Give To Their SO

Pregnancy can be hard on a woman. The body has extra hormones surging, muscles and skin are stretching, fat is being stored all over the body. It’s not always a walk in the park. But sometimes mama’s take it a little too far.

WTF Is Fetal Programming And How Does It Affect Babies?

Fetal programming is not something that a great deal of people have even heard of, let alone know what it is. Fetal programming, which is also known as prenatal programming, is an idea that become prominent in clinical medicine during the 1980's.

12 Signs The Water Is About To Break

She might have a towel stuffed in her handbag and is really hoping not to make a scene, but the reality is, a woman's water can break at any time. Yes, any time. Whether she's doing the Downward-Facin...

15 Things It Feels Like To Be Pregnant

Pregnancy makes a woman's body feel and look different. There is a gradual shift in gravity as the belly gets larger. There is that constant queasiness that happens for some in the first trimester. Th...

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