Is Circumcision Really Necessary?

Thirty years ago, two thirds of all parents of baby boys made the decision to have their sons circumcised before leaving the hospital. What was once standard protocol for male newborns, is a topic of ...

What to Expect From a NICU Stay

Expectant mothers rarely include a stay in the NICU in their birthing plans. But, for ten to fifteen percent of all babies born in the United States, spending anywhere from a few days, to a few months in the NICU is a reality.

7 Ways Men React to Pregnancy

The ways men react to pregnancy are very different from the reactions of women. That’s because they play this weird “I’m-pregnant-but-I’m –not” role in prenatal parenthood. If you have your man’s per...

7 Amazing Record-Breaking Babies

Let’s face it: ALL babies are amazing, and if you ask each baby’s mom and dad, they’ll argue that their baby is the MOST amazing, hands down. Who could blame them for thinking so when each baby truly ...

Hyperemesis, Is it All in Your Head?

Until the Duchess of Cambridge suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum in both of her pregnancies, most people had never heard of this potentially life threatening complication of pregnancy.

Preeclampsia: The Silent Killer

Even with all of the efforts to improve maternal health care, ten million women a year are diagnosed with preeclampsia during their pregnancies or post natally. Seventy six thousand of these women wi...

Pregnancy and Makeup: Truths and Myths

One of the new hotly debated topics has been whether or not wearing makeup during pregnancy is safe. Some women worry that maybe the makeup could leach into their blood stream, poison the baby and tur...

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