Caterina Scorsone Of "Grey's Anatomy" Is Expecting Her Third Child With Husband Rob Giles!

If you've been watching Grey's Anatomy this season, then you already know that Amelia Frances Shepherd is pregnant. The news surprised fans, but also got them excited for this beloved character. Whether you like this plot choice or not, it appears that it may have been done intentionally.

Why? Well, the actress who plays Amelia- Caterina Scorsone, 38- announced that she and husband Rob Giles are expecting their third child together! The happy news was announced late last week on Scorsone's Instagram page. She, Gile and their two kids- seven-year-old Eliza and two-year-old Paloma "Piper" Michaela- were all dressed up as the Addams family. The actress dressed as Morticia Addams and stood sideways so that her baby bump was on full display for followers and fans alike to see.

In a lyrical reference to The Addams Family theme song, Scorsone captioned the lovely family photo with, "Our Family’s about to get even kookier. #pumpkinintheoven". She punctuated it with an emoji of a pumpkin- a perfect choice for a Halloween-themed photoshoot!

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As previously mentioned, Scorsone and Giles already have two beautiful daughters. They've faced their fair share of challenges, including Piper's diagnosis of Down's Syndrome. But despite all this, the long-time Grey's Anatomy star and her husband love all the ups and downs that come with parenting.

"I think one thing that changes when you have kids is that nothing is in your control anymore.You have to roll with whatever is happening and there are people that are now in your life very intimately and in your space who have distinctly different personalities from you," Scorsone said in a past interview. "You kind of have an opportunity to get to know them and see what they like and accommodate how they want to be in the world. All [while] trying to make it look awesome. So you kind of have to develop your sense of humor and just laugh at all of the places where you thought that you were protecting your ego because it’s done. I think the strange thing about parenthood that you hear and it turns out to be true is that everything about them becomes beautiful."

Congratulations to Scorsone, Giles and their two adorable daughters for their newest family member coming soon!

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