Catholic Church Looks Into Case Of Two Nuns Who Became Pregnant While Missionaries In Africa

The Catholic Church is currently investigating two cases of nuns who became pregnant during their missions in Africa. The scandal has blown up because they’re both challenges to the authority of the Church. Now, the two women face a decision: remain in the religious order or raise their child.

The two women belong to separate religious orders in Sicily. Both women took vows of chastity when they began their service, which is why the scandal blew up. During their missions abroad, they both came back bearing a child—a clear indication that they broke their vows of chastity.

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The first nun found out she was pregnant after going to the hospital for concerns of stomach pains. The specific religious order of the 34-year-old nun is yet to be determined, but reports suspect she’s part of a convent in Sicily’s Nebrodi mountains. She has moved to Palermo to prepare for the birth of her baby. Her order has given her the choice to give up the monastic life if she wishes to focus on her child.

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The second nun who was found pregnant is a bigger deal because she’s a senior nun. The Malagasy mother superior had dedicated her life to caring for the elderly at a centre in Ragusa. When the Church found that she was several weeks pregnant, they were concerned with their missionaries’ respect for their vows, especially since she was a tenured nun. She has since returned to her home country and has put her service on hold.

The two cases brought up serious issues within the Catholic Church. An investigation by higher authorities has been launched to find out what happened to the two nuns. However, even though they broke strict rules of chastity, the Church wants them to prioritize their children. The welfare of the kids is the most important thing now, so if they wish to leave the religious order to care for them, then all should be well. The authority of the Church has been challenged, but in the end, it’s the people that matter. They’re not about to forcefully keep the nuns in their order; the two kids don’t deserve to be motherless.

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