CAUGHT: 15 Video Footages Of Moms Hitting Their Babies

This is an article that I would never have thought I would ever write. Child abuse is no joke, it is something that should be taken very seriously by every single person. Children are innocent, sure, they can get into some trouble here and there, but they are learning and growing. With learning and growing, comes some frustrating behaviours that can drive any well meaning parent nuts. But, we love them and we help them grow.

You would think no one would be angered by child abuse more than a mother. I can not even hear news stories about a child being hurt without crying on the inside (and outside sometimes). Heck, I can not even watch a fictional movie about a kid being kidnapped without feeling a little sick with anxiety. In this article, it is the mother dishing out the abuse. If anything could make child abuse even worse, it is when it comes at the hands of the child’s mother, the one who is supposed to protect them with all your being.

So, why write an article about this? Contrary to popular belief, it is not to get an extreme response, it is to bring a voice to these children, and awareness on when to get a child (and mother) some help. Not to make excuses, but at times, mental health conditions can play a hand in a mother who chooses to raise her hand on her child.

Consider this your warning; these images and videos are all graphic. I have linked the videos below the stories, so if you wish to just read the story and not watch the video you have that option. Here are 15 videos of mothers who hit their babies and children that may make you a little sick.

15 Delhi Abuse

A screen grab from a security camera’s video shows a woman assaulting a child.

We know every culture has different forms and ways in which they discipline their children, I do not think there is a culture out there who agrees with what our first mom did. A woman from Geeta Colony in Delhi has come forward with some pretty serious accusations about her daughter-in-law. She alleges that her DIL had brutally thrashed her 18-month old grandson.

She filed a complaint with the Delhi Commission for Women and has provided the best piece of evidence anyone could ask for; security camera footage. In the footage, which you can watch below, her DIL is seen mercilessly beating her baby and then pushing him down on the floor. She doesn’t stop there, she drags and repeatedly kicks him until another family member can be seen running in to the child’s rescue.

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrqcRbUpff4

14 Malaysian Mother Goes To Jail, But For How Long?

First blow: The mother ,seen raising her hand before hitting the child is seen sitting on a bed, while the baby girl, is in the corner of the mattress, crying hysterically as she lays face down

An un-wed, young mother from Malaysia has been sentenced to only 18-months in jail for the horrific child abuse of her baby. OK, this one made me cry, and is very disturbing to watch. The video, which is just over 4 minutes shows a mother beating her innocent and defenceless 10-month old. A friend of the mother had previously witnessed this abuse, so the next time it happened, she filmed it to show to police.

The video, which you can watch in full detail below if you wish too, shows a young mother repeatedly hitting her young infant while she lay face down on the bed crying out. She also takes a pillow and starts hitting her child with the pillow. At one point, upset at the baby’s cries, she even throws her phone at the baby. This goes on for a while, and the friend took the video to the police and the mother was jailed for 18-months and the baby is reportedly doing well in foster care.

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HQHSf43Bq8

13 Chanting Jesus?

Throwing her baby: Harrowing video footage shows a mother picking up her 19-day-old child, above, before throwing him

This next one is very confusing, and one even I (as a Christian) have a hard time understanding. The next video went viral, and shows a mother repeatedly throwing her newborn across the floor while the baby’s father films it. The mother, who resides in Memphis, Tennessee, was recording picking up her 19-day-old baby boy and hurling him to the ground over and over while chanting religious quotes.

The mother is seen in the video, holding another older child in her lap and starts to instruct her to throw the baby as well. Since this incident, the family has come out to say that the mother is ‘mentally disturbed.’ The father who was recording argued with the mom in the video, and it isn’t until near the end of the 13 minute video when he picks up the baby. The baby is now in the care of his grandmother.

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrHxPA9fNIE&t=21s

12 Discipline Or Attempted Murder?

Image result for indian mother hitting baby

There is not much information on this next story, but it is one of the most graphic video’s I have ever watched. Sometimes curiosity gets the best of us, and it ends up like a train wreck, you do not want to watch but you can not look away. It shows a mother sitting on her bed with her young baby, who looks to be under a year old. She is first seen with her hands around his neck lifting him up. She then proceeds to hit him pretty violently.

No one knows the story on this woman, but I can bet there is some mental health concerns that she is facing. Post partum depression is something that is very serious, and the mother who clearly lives in a country other than the US, she may not have access to support. No matter the cause, no innocent baby deserves to be treated like this.

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=830gFSfZX1w

11 “Mom From Hell”

One mother is being named the mother from hell after video surfaced of her hitting her newborn baby repeatedly. Police are looking for a mother named, Aygul Kozhabaevna, after receiving footage of her beating her newborn baby across the head. The video was reportedly filmed by an 8-year old girl, rumoured to be the mother’s older child.

There is a lot of speculation around what exactly happened, as the police are trying to locate the mother. The allegations are that the mother was trying to ‘teach her child a lesson’ because the baby would not stop crying. In the beginning, the woman speaks to the child in a low voice, but then quickly starts slapping the baby across the face. How hard? Hard enough that you can clearly hear the slap sounds.

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx4apEUQ4ec

10 Supermarket Beating

Mom’s hitting their babies does not always happen in the privacy of their own homes, sometimes it happens in a very public place. It is always interesting on some level to watch what the pedestrians do in situations like this, do they intervene and help or do they look the other way. One mom was with her young child in a supermarket, and things seem to be going on like normal.

When they get to the check out lane, it seems the young child starts to misbehave. This is normal for toddlers, as that is where supermarkets like to keep their chocolates and treats. What the mom does next is not something you will see in your average supermarket. She pushes her baby to the ground and kicks him to the side, as if it was nothing. In this instance people do intervene and help the young child.

9 Age Of The Child Does Not Matter

Image result for mother hits daughter in car

The videos don’t always have to be of a mother hitting her baby to be graphic and heart wrenching. Our next story is of a mother who is seen hitting her older child. This video went viral, as well as the child’s father heartbreaking reaction. The video, which shows a mother and her 9-year old child in a car, shows the abuse that is handed down by the mother as well as the true fear in the little girl’s eyes.

In a way to try and understand what is going, it may even be worse when an older child is abused. Babies are innocent, they don’t know and comprehend what is happening, and they will forget if they are rescued and raised in a loving home. An older child knows exactly what is going on, and it can have some serious repercussions for the rest of their life.

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdUBB9Tz6d0

8 Mom Throws Baby Down The Stairs

Image result for india mom throws baby down stairs

It also does not have to videos of a mom hitting her baby to make all of our stomach turns, any form of harm will do. Some forms are worse than others, and this is no exception. This mother in India, got into a heated fight with her family, and (I’m guessing) as a way to get back at them, she took her own child and violently threw him down the stairs.

There is not much information on this one as well, but as far as we know, the mom had gotten into a fight with her in-laws. We all have stories about disagreements or fights with our in-laws, but most of us do not go to this extent to get back at them. She is seen carelessly going to the stairwell and tossing her son down the stairs. You can immediately see members of the family run frantically down the stairs to try and help the young boy.

You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=g34Pbb9LJFg

7 Another One Because Of Crying

I am lacking to understand why a lot of these cases of mom’s hitting their babies is because they won’t stop crying. 1. I do not see how causing them pain will get them to stop crying, and 2. Did you not know that babies cry before you had one? In yet another video of a mother hitting her newborn baby, it is all because the baby would not stop crying.

A lot of these videos do not have a lot of attached information about them, and some of the videos (like this one) are news reports that are not in English. All we can see is that a mother is sitting in the street holding her newborn baby. Suddenly, she starts repeatedly slapping her baby across the face. I found this one to be one of the hardest on the lists to watch, I want to reach trough the screen and rescue that poor baby.

6 Hamburger Mishap

Image result for mother beats toddler over a hamburger

This is another one that happened in public, but it is much different than the one we showed previously that took place in a supermarket. This time, it doesn’t look like anyone is in a hurry to help the poor toddler out. The place is China, and it is a local fast food restaurant. It is all innocent enough, when the young boy reaches over to get one of the hamburgers, when he accidentally drops it on the ground.

This is when things took a bad turn, the mother decides to hit the toddler in the face because he dropped the hamburger. The little boy falls off the bar stool, but that does not stop this mother, as she continues to hit and kick him while he is on the ground. What may make this even worse, is that you can clearly see in the footage an employee just sitting there and playing on his phone.

You can watch the whole video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHEC9-x6xLQ

5 The Cruelest Mother

The six-second-long clip was filmed by an onlooker around 3pm on February 24 and later posted to social media

I am full on going to judge here, and I am going to say this is an awful mother who should never have had children. In another video that went viral, a mother can be seen throwing and kicking her little baby girl. The video was captured in China, and shows the moments a mother thought it would be a good idea to throw her daughter down a flight of stairs and then proceed to leave her on the street while she kicks her, repeatedly.

Yet again, the reason was because the baby would not stop crying. I know a lot of mom’s reach what seems to be their breaking point at times when their baby will not stop crying. Thankfully, not a lot of them go to the extreme like these mothers do. To this day, almost 8 million people have viewed this video, and all are equally horrified.

You can watch the whole video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdrj3pdJU

4 Posted On Facebook

Image result for child abuse video posted onf acebook

Social media can be a wonderful tool for interacting with friends and family, but we are also quickly learning that it can be a dark place filled with very disturbing images and content. One such video found itself on Facebook showing a mother abusing her little baby. A man captured the footage of this mother hitting her 8-month old baby with his cellphone. He called the police, who did not ask to see the footage.

He then posted it on Facebook, where it was then sent to the proper authorities for child protection. The baby has since been removed from the home and the mother has been arrested. It is a sad day when you get more of a reaction from posting a video on Facebook then by calling the proper authorities.

You can watch a news report, and the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T18HZR9fqLA

3 Abuse Or Discipline?

We already know that there is a thin line between abuse and discipline, especially in lesser developed countries. Some countries believe in ruling by an iron fist, and will spank their children when they misbehave, and this is not considered abuse. What is considered abuse is extreme forms of torture when you are mad at your child or when they will not listen.

This video is a little different as it depicts abuse handed down by a step-mother. There are a lot of step-mothers and most take their role very seriously. This mother is clearly trying to get her older child to come and do something. The child is not listening (as young children tend to do) she then decides to harshly pull the child’s hair and then take a stick or rod to their backside.

2 Another One

This is another one where the line between discipline and abuse has been crossed. In this video, we can see a mother with an older daughter in their home. The daughter is not doing what the mom wants her to do, so she decides to take what looks like a switch to her. This is another one that does not feature a mom hitting a baby, but I think all mom’s agree that our children will always be our baby, so I am finding a loophole here.

Due to the fact that this features an older child, I find it a bit more disturbing, as you can see the fear in the little girl’s eyes as she tries desperately to get away and make the abuse stop. The abuse goes on for a while, until the little girl gets up and limps away out of fear for her mother. It is sad and angering at the same time.

1 The Worst Of All

Image result for mother trying to suffocate baby caught on camera

This may not be one of a mother ‘hitting’ her baby, but it is the most disturbing of all. This is video surveillance from a hospital where a baby can be seen laying in his crib receiving medical treatment. You can also see the mother in the picture, standing at the side of the crib. What the camera catches next is nothing short of horrifying.

The mother can then be seen going over to the crib and covering the baby’s mouth with her hands in an attempt to suffocate the baby. The footage is horrifying an makes us all wonder what the mother could possibly be going through to think this was the right thing to do. When the baby loses consciousness, the mother goes to get the nurses who do bring the breath back to the baby. It wasn’t until they saw this footage that they understood what had happened.

You can watch the whole video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5pJbX5bBAI

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