Baby's First Christmas: Kid-Friendly Ways To Celebrate

It's officially the most magical time of the year and it's made even more special when there is a new baby in the family. Christmas doesn't just take up a few days of the calendar, it's a full 2-month event, starting with Christmas gifts, toys and decorations coming out in stores, Santa, charity events and so many parties. Most of the events involve getting a sitter, but what about events where baby can participate?

Pictures with Santa can start at any age. Regardless if you're planning on telling your children about Santa or would prefer they know who the real Saint Nick was, it's a fun little memory you can hold on to for decades to come.

During this time of the year, there will be adult parties, office parties but there will also be lots of kid-centric holiday parties where you can take the baby along. Depending on their age, the baby may sleep through everything or they may be starting to notice and actually do stuff. Even if the baby is sleeping through everything, it can still be a great photo opportunity to snap some festive pictures.

Of course, you can't have a Christmas list without mentioning cute. You can buy these at nearly any store that sells tree ornaments but you can also go the DIY route and either make a dough and do a hand/footprint ornament or you can use any other recipe to make any shaped ornament and paint "Baby's First Christmas." There is also the option of buying the bulbs at Dollar Tree and painting them.

Additionally, a lot of parks will have light displays set up that you can either walk or drive through and there are always neighbors who go all out around this time of the year. Checking out some fun lights and getting into the holiday spirit can be super fun for mom and baby, and this is another opportunity to get some amazing photographs. The lights can turn into a tradition held every year.

Taking the baby to "help" pick out the Christmas tree is another fun tradition that your little one can start to enjoy into the toddler years. If you have a real tree, take baby with you into the woods or into the tree park to point to the tree they like best. If baby is over a year, they may be able to join in and into the toddler years will love knowing that you chose the tree they "picked" out. They can even help decorate!

Of course, doing all these things will work great while wearing a cute "My First Christmas" hat, bib or outfit. You can easily look at any store or you can look on Etsy or other online retailers to find custom-made outfits.

There are many other options for baby's first Christmas (or any holiday, really!) and as parents, it's one of the most magical times of the year. Simply having the baby there makes it magical enough but you will find other simple ways to celebrate.


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