10 Celebrities Who Have Libra Babies

When your baby is born, you can't tell a lot about how they are going to be and act like when they are older. As we are heading into the fall months of the year the Libra zodiac sign is coming into play, we want to examine possible traits. Anyone born from September 23 to October 23 is a Libra, and if you are due soon then your baby might be a Libra too.

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People who are Libras tend to be very compassionate and good towards others, and this is a trait you are going to want your little one to have in life! Your baby is going to be in great company with these celebrities' Libra babies!

10 Matt Damon

Superstar Matt Damon is known for his many roles in Good Will Hunting, The Talented Mr. Ripley and, Manchester by the Sea and this actor is a Libra himself since he was born October 8th. So Damon must be happy that he and his wife Luciana welcomes one of their kids to be a Libra just like him.

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Their daughter Stella Zavala was born on October 20th making the cut to be a Libra. If Stella is like his dad we know she is going to be a caring person when she is older.

9 Tori Spelling

Former and now current Beverly Hills 90210 star, Tori Spelling is known not just for her acting skills, but also for being an amazing mother to her five kids. When Spelling and her husband, actors, Dean McDermott, welcomed their third child into this would their little was also welcomed in as a Libra. Spellings third child, child Hattie Margaret McDermott was October 10, 2011. Since Hattie is still a kid, there is so much for her to develop and figure out and become an amazing woman just like her mother is.

8 Alicia Keys

Five-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys and her producer husband, Swizz Beatz, has a son who is a Libra. Their son was born on October 14, 2010. Though their son, Egypt, is far from being a baby we already know that the lullabies his mother would sing to him at night must have been amazing.

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We know that Egypt is going to follow in his parent's footsteps one day into making a creative living since Libra are highly creative people. So you know we will be keeping a close eye on him and see what he decides to do when he gets older.

7 Megan Fox

Celebrity power couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green off been in love since they first meet back in 2004. Even though their relationship has had its ups and downs this couple has stuck it out and welcomed three amazing kids into this world. In 2012, when Fox and Green have their first child together, Noah Shannon Green, on September 27th they also welcomed a Libra into their lives. With Norah being the oldest out of three he must be showing his Libra personality by trying to keep his siblings from fighting.

6 Madonna

The Queen of Pop has lived a life that people love watching. So when mega superstar Madonna and her husband at the time, filmmaker Guy Ritchie adopted son David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie, birthday was announced fellow Libras where thrilled! David was born on September 24th making him a Libra.

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With him being a Libra and one of Madonna's son we know that he has his charismatic trait about him that will sure to get him far in life. But since the Libra are not just charismatic they are also diplomatic we know he will not abuse his charm.

5 Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde rose to fame for starring on house and since then she has had an amazing film career, got engaged, and had two beautiful children. Wilde and her partner, actor Jason Sudeikis, welcomed a charming little girl, Daisy Josephine Sudeikis, into this world on October 11th. Since Daisy has two parents who work in the entertainment business it is a good thing she is a Libra since they are known for their easy-going personalities. This means when they have to travel to a new film location than another one right after it she won’t get upset.

4 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore grew up in the eyes of the world since she first appeared in E.T. Since then she has acted and even directed in numerous movies. Well having an amazing career, Barrymore had two children with her ex-husband, art consultant Will Kopelman.

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Barrymore and Kopelman’s oldest daughter, Olive Kopelman, was born on September 26th. With Olive being a Libra she has to process the trait of patience that many Libra has which will help her with her younger sibling and will continue to help her as she gets older.

3 Adele

One of the biggest singer-songwriters in the world is Adele. From her powerful vocals and talented songwriting skills, everyone loves her music. But when she is not recording or touring she is spending time when her son will be celebrating her son Angelo Adkins. Angelo Adkins was born on October 19th and if he waited any longer to come out her might of missed his chance out being a Libra. With Angelo being a child right now he can show his full Libra trait and enjoy his zest for life as he tours the world with his mother.

2 Mila Kunis

One of the hottest celebrity couples was one that people loved watching on The’s 70s Show. so when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kitcher announced that they were officially together many fans who have shipped them for years were thrilled. Since then the couple as welcomed two amazing children into this world.

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Their oldest child, daughter Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, was born on September 30th. With Wyatt’s parents both being in the entertainment industry we are waiting to see if one day she will become an actress of use her Libra trait of caring for people to go to work with her Dad in his business.

1 Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is America’s sweetheart. Since she appeared on our screens as a teenager America loved watching her grow up to becoming an amazing woman and mother. Witherspoon and her husband, talent agent Jim Toth, has welcomed a charming boy into this world on September 27th. Their son, Tennessee Toth name plays tribe to Witherspoon's home state and since he is the youngest out of Withersppio’s three children, it’s a good thing he is a Libra and easy going. So if his older siblings ever tease him he knows how to roll it off his shoulders.

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