10 Celebrities With The Most Kids

Ever wonder how many kids your favorite celebrities have? Or perhaps you’ll simply be amazed and surprised at just how many offspring these celebs do have as the numbers creep into the double digits. Yup, you read that right — the double digits. These celebs definitely have their hands full, and you thought raising two or three was hard work!

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Luckily, these large famous families appear to be happy together (for the most part) as they pose for photos and gather for reunions. Sure, we all know Kris Jenner has half a dozen kids, but some of these celebrity families may surprise you with just how big they really are.

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10 Charlie Sheen - 5 Kids

It may not seem like it, but yes, Charlie Sheen is a father — a father to five beautiful kids. He shares two daughters, Sam and Lola Rose, with actress and ex-wife Denise Richards. He has two sons, Bob and Max, with ex-wife Brooke Mueller, and has an adult daughter named Cassandra with Paula Profit. Sheen’s children range in age from 10 years to 34 years as the actor had multiple relationships and marriages. Honestly, it may be more of a surprise to learn Charlie Sheen only has five children as he is famously known for dating around.

9 Angelina Jolie - 6 Kids

Angelina Jolie is well-known for adopting son Maddox from Cambodia and continuing on to adopt daughter Zahara from Ethiopia and son Pax from Vietnam a few years later. Angelina then married actor Brad Pitt, and the couple welcomed three more children together: daughter Shiloh in 2006 and twins Vivienne and Knox in 2008.

The family has made news in recent years as Jolie and Pitt went through a very public divorce which put all six children in the middle of the split. However, things seem to have calmed down as the couple nears finalizing their divorce. 

8 Clint Eastwood - 7 Kids

The 88-year-old actor is father to five daughters and two sons: daughters Kimber Lynn, Alison, Francesca, Morgan, and Kathryn, and sons Kyle and Scott with five different women. His kids range in age from 22 years old to 54 years old as the actor had two marriages and several other romantic relationships.

Several of Eastwood’s children have followed in his footsteps as they’ve made a name for themselves in Hollywood as well. Most notably, 32-year-old son Scott is recognized as a model and for his roles in movies such as Gran Torino and Flags of Our Fathers.

7 Mick Jagger - 8 Kids

The 75-year-old rocker has eight children with five women: daughters Georgia May, Jade, Karis and Elizabeth, and sons Lucas, James, Gabriel, and Deveraux. His kids range in age from 2 years old to 48 as the Rolling Stones musician welcomed baby Deveraux with partner Melanie Hamrick in 2016.

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Daughter Georgia took to Instagram in July 2018 to share a loving family photo as Jagger holds his screaming toddler while his adult children look rather (jokingly) annoyed. Of course, the birth of Jagger’s fourth son made headlines as fans were amazed by the news.

6 Mel Gibson - 9 Kids

Mel Gibson is the proud papa of nine children. He has seven sons: Milo, Christian, Lars, Edward, Thomas, William, and Louis, and two daughters: Hannah and Lucia. His eldest is 39-year-old Hannah, while his youngest is 2-year-old Lars. The 63-year-old actor shares his first seven kids with ex-wife Robyn Moore, 9-year-old Lucia with pianist Oksana Grigorieva, and toddler Lars with Rosalind Ross. Luckily, it appears the Gibsons are one big happy family!

5 Eddie Murphy - 10 Kids

Eddie Murphy recently made news as he posed with all ten of his children at the end of 2018. In the photo, all of Murphy’s kids are seen smiling as it appears they are a loving family. Photographed is the actor’s newest addition, baby Max, with fiancée Paige Butcher.

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The couple also share 2-year-old daughter Izzy. Eddie’s oldest is son Eric, who is 29, as his kids range in ages from a few months to 29 years. The actor notably shares 11-year-old daughter Angel with Spice Girl’s Melanie "Mel B" Brown.

4 Bob Marley - 11 Kids

The legendary Bob Marley has 11 known children. Marley had three children with his wife, Rita, adopted her two children from a previous relationship, and went on to have kids with six more women before his untimely passing at age 36. His children have gone on to walk in his footsteps with sons Damian and Ziggy Marley making names for themselves in the music industry. Another of Marley’s sons, Rohan, is the father of five of singer Lauryn Hill’s six children.

3 Dog The Bounty Hunter - 13 Kids

While Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is listed as having 13 children with several different mothers. His first child, a son named Christopher, was given for adoption by his mother without Dog being aware he had a child. However, the two have since met and established a relationship. Dog had two sons from his first marriage and three children from a second marriage, although one baby passed not long after being born.

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He then had three more children during his third marriage- a son and two daughters- however, one daughter passed away in an automobile accident in 2006 at the age of 23. The star had no children with his fourth wife, and two children with his fifth and current wife, Beth. Beth also has two children from a previous relationship, which makes this one big family!

2 Mia Farrow- 14 Kids

Mia Farrow has three biological children with ex-husband Andre Previn and the couple also adopted three children during their marriage. After their divorce, Mia went on to adopt two sons before having a fourth biological child with Woody Allen. The actress adopted five more children during and after her relationship with Allen. However, three of Mia’s adopted children have passed due to illness. The mother expressed her love for all of her children and encouraged people to reach out in times of need following the 2016 death of her son Thaddeus.

1 Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar- 19 Kids

Yes, 19 kids from two parents! Of course, the Duggars are famous for their large family, but it’s still surprising to hear the fact they have 19 children. 

Jim Bob and Michelle aren’t just parents to a lot of kids, though, they are also grandparents to 13 little ones! Of course, this number will continue to climb as their offspring marry and start families of their own.

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