5 Best Unique Celeb Baby Names (& 5 That Are Just Silly)

Sometimes celebrities choose some very beautiful and unique names for their babies. Other times, the rare names they choose are a bit more off the wall and silly. Some unique celeb baby names inspire soon-to-be parents to want to choose uncommon names for their own child or they may even want to use one of the rare names that they find from their favorite celebrities.

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Other times, with some of the names that celebs give their children, it could also yield a parent to want to be a bit more careful about what they name their little one. Continue reading to learn five best unique celeb baby names and five that are just silly!

10 Best: True

True is a very beautiful and unique name for a baby girl. Khloe Kardashian had a great idea when she gave her daughter this name! The name True means “real” and “genuine;” which is something your little girl is bound to be if you were to choose this name for your little one.

This name, believe it or not, actually dates back to 1882 when there were five baby boys who were given this name. That means that the name True is gender-neutral and can also be given to a little fellow.

9 Silliest: Kal-El

Some names are just outright silly. Kal-El is definitely different and unique. According to Babynamewizard.com, Kal-El is actually Superman’s Kryptonian name. Actor Nicolas Cage chose this name for his child. He must really be a massive Superman fan to go with a name like this for his kid.

It is pretty much almost guaranteed that no other child will have this name on the playground. Ka-El can be translated from Hebrew to mean “voice of God.” Separately, Kal means “bald, hairless” and El means “God.“ This name is generally given to baby boys.

8 Best: Lyric

Lyric is a very lovely and unique name that is commonly given to little girls. This name would be perfect for any musician parents out there or for people who really love music to name their baby girl. It is a fun and creative name for a child.

There are mixed meanings for the name Lyric such as “words to a song,” “gift of God,” and “love of music; love of melody.” Original Sabrina The Teenage Witch actress Soleil Moon Frye gave her little girl this name.

7 Silliest: Pilot Inspektor

When it comes to the silliest names, the baby name Pilot Inspektor seems to top the list. This name is definitely one of a kind! It is so rare, that since the late 1800s only 121 babies have been given this odd name in the United States.

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My Name Is Earl actor Jason Lee reportedly chose to name his child Pilot Inspektor after hearing a song. It is quite surprising that there is more than one baby out there who has this unique name.

6 Best: Dream

Dream is a gorgeous gender-neutral name that is more commonly given to baby girls. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna chose this name for their child. It is a very rare name with only about two thousand babies who were given this name at birth in the United States.

The meaning of the name Dream is exactly the same as the name itself; dream. 2017 was a great year for this lovely name. There were exactly 326 babies born that year who all share the name Dream in the United States. If you choose this name for your little one; he or she would be everything that you have been dreaming of!

5 Silliest: Bluebell

Bluebell is quite silly when you think about it. For short, you could either call your child Blue or Bell. At least the child would be able to choose which one they like better. Or if they have a middle name, they could always go by that depending on what it is.

Singer Geri Halliwell chose this name for her child and she named her Bluebell Madonna. This name is more commonly given to little girls. The name Bluebell has less than 100 people who have been given this unique first name since the late 1800s in the United States. That makes it quite rare.

4 Best: Onyx

Onyx is an adorable name for a child. It happens to be gender-neutral, so it doesn’t matter if a mom-to-be is having a baby girl or boy because this name would work for either one. Onyx simply means “black gemstone.”

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Singer Alanis Morisette chose this name for her little one. It’s quite original with only about two thousand babies sharing this gorgeous name in the United States since the late 1800s. Although this name is gender-neutral, it has been given to more boys than girls, according to Names.org.

3 Silliest: North

Surprisingly, there are actually exactly 272 babies in the United States that share the unique name North. Most people already know which celebrities gave their baby girl this name, but in case you are unaware it was Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West.

So their daughters’ name is North West. This name isn’t exactly climbing charts just yet. But we are pretty sure that some hardcore KUWTK fans will be using this name when they have their own child. North is typically given to baby boys, but as you very well know now, it can also be given to girls too.

2 Best: Luna

Luna is such a beautifully unique name for a little girl. It has become much more popular in recent years and there are actually about twenty seven thousand babies in the United States who share this lovely girl’s name.

Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend decided to give their adorable little girl the first name Luna. Luna means “moon” or “Goddess of the moon.” Luna has definitely been growing in popularity and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This would be the perfect name for your daughter, and she is surely going to grow up to love her name!

1 Silliest: Saylor

TV personality Kristin Cavallari went far, far away from traditional names when she chose to name her daughter Saylor James. When we hear the name Saylor, we tend to think of the old children’s cartoon Sailor Moon. Perhaps choosing Moon as the middle name would have sounded a bit more girly.

Saylor, surprisingly, has about five thousand babies who share this unique first name in the United States. That is about 4,999 more than we anticipated. Saylor is a gender-neutral name that is more commonly given to little girls. It means “boatman.”

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