10 Celebrity Kids Who Look Like Their Parents' Twin

It's common for kids to look like their parents. After all, they're a perfect mix of their parent's DNA. But sometimes the resemblance between parent and child is so close, it's actually uncanny.

Put these celeb kids and their parents in the same room, and we promise they'll have you doing a double take. Here are ten celeb kids (though some are adults) who are spitting images of their famous parents.

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10 Eva Amurri

Susan Surandon is a famed actress, who has been lauded for her exemplary acting chops. You probably know her from movies like Thelma & Louise and Little Women.

Susan has also been widely praised for her beauty. That's why it's no shock that her daughter Ava Amurri, is just as beautiful and talented as her mother. Ava, who was born in 1985 to Susan and Italian filmmaker, Franco Amurri, is an actress in her own right. She has appeared in The Banger Sisters, Californication and Middle Of Nowhere.

9 Riley Curry

When Riley Curry, NBA player Stephen Curry's first daughter with his wife, Ayesha Curry,  adorably stole the show during her dad's press conference, the world saw first-hand just how much they resembled one another.

For Stephen, it was business as usual. But Riley was determined to entertain the world with her interruptions. No matter how Stephen tried to politely quiet her, she just wasn't having it.  Riley was barely three years old at the time, so no one faulted her, of course. And most enjoyed the cute takeover.

8 Kim Kardashian

To say that Kris Jenner's genes are strong would be an understatement.  If we're being truthful, all of her kids (and some of her grandkids) bear some resemblance to her. None of them, however, look as much like them as Kim Kardashian does.

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Kourtney Kardashian, Kris's eldest child, comes in at a close second, but she doesn't look enough like Kris take a spot on this list. Kim, though, could definitely pass as Kris's little sister, especially in this photo! There's a compliment in there somewhere for one of them. Probably both.

7 Rumer Willis

No, you're not seeing doubles. This is Rumer Willis (left) and her even more famous mom, Demi Moore (right) side by side. They already look alike without the matching hairstyles, glasses and clothes. With them, it's not even fair. At first glance, it's hard to even distinguish who is the mother and who is the daughter.

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Beauty isn't the only thing that Rumer has inherited from her actress mom, Demi. Rumer also acts. She's appeared in The House Bunny, Army Wives, and The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. 

6 Luna Simone Stephens

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's second child, Luna Simone Stephens is the spitting image of her model mother. Like legit twins! The resemblance is so strong, we wonder if modeling might be in her future, one day.

Of course Luna can grow up to be whatever she wants to be like a doctor or lawyer. She might even inherit her father's gift of singing and turn to the entertainment industry. But we wouldn't be surprised if she starts popping up to model baby clothes in the near future. Modeling is in her blood.

5 Blue Ivy Carter

Most people assume that daughters will come out looking like their mother and that boys will look like their fathers. But that's just not how genetics works. Some sons look like their mothers. Some kids look like a mixture of both. And some daughters look just like their fathers.

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The latter scenario fits Blue Ivy Carter perfectly. Beyonce might have carried and given birth to Blue, but her looks came mostly from her father's side. Time will tell whether or not Blue inherited her superstar mommy's blessed vocal cords.

4 Zoe Kravitz

Even though Zoe is the daughter of Lisa and ex-husband, Lenny Kravitz, Zoe is totally Lisa's twin, make no mistake about it. Another area that Zoe has taken after her mom is with her resume. Like Lisa, Zoe is an accomplished actress.

She's appeared in Divergent and Mad Max: Fury Road, just to name a couple of her roles. Zoe currently stars in Big Little Lies.

3 Miles Theodore Stephens

Miss Luna Simone might be her mommy, Chrissy's twin, but Miles Theodore Stephens is looks so closely to John Legend, we're convinced he's been reincarnated as his own child. Believe it or not, Mile's birth wasn't the first time that a baby has become compared to John.

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Years before Miles was born, John went viral after another, unrelated baby gained attention for looking like he could have been his biological son. The baby wasn't, of course.  That John's own son looks even more like him proves that the universe has a great sense of humor.

2 Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise is the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Even though Tom Cruise may be the bigger star, between the two, it's clear who Suri inherited her looks from. Since Suri's birth in 2006, she's definitely turned into Katie's mini-me.

The other thing that Suri got from her mother is her killer fashion sense. Though the fanfare has died down some in recent years, there was a time when fashion blogs were convinced Suri was a fashionista in the making—just like her mom.

1 Anna Elizabeth Philippe

To this day, we're not completely convinced that Anna Elizabeth Philippe is actress Reese Witherspoon's daughter. We don't mean that literally, of course. It's just that Anna looks so much like Reese when she was younger, we haven't entirely ruled out time travel.

We're also not entirely sure that Ava's father, Ryan Philippe was involved at all in the process of creating her because his features are nowhere to be found within her. As far as celebrity/child look-a-likes, it's safe to say that this round goes to Reese.


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