10 Celebrity Moms Who Keep Their Kids Out Of The Spotlight

Most celebrities accept that being in the spotlight is simply a by-product of fame. Other celebrities—including famous moms—go to great lengths to avoid the paparazzi altogether. For these superstars, the idea of having their children at the mercy of cameras and smartphone savvy fans is a horror-inducing thought they'd rather not have. Honestly, who can blame them?

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Despite this, quite a few celebrities are still able to strike a healthy balance between continuing to work while keeping their family and children's lives private. Here are our top 10 picks for celebrity moms who keep their kids out of the spotlight!

10 Mila Kunis

Heartthrob and talented actress Mila Kunis has two children—Wyatt aged 4 and Dimitri aged 2—with husband and handsome movie star Ashton Kutcher. Both parents believe that being publicly presented to the world and modern media should be a personal choice, which their children should be allowed to make on their own when they are older.

While both Mila and her better half have strong careers that involve being constantly on display for Hollywood and the world to see, they feel it unfair for their little ones to be forced into that same spotlight. Therefore, they let them lead as normal lives as possible by keeping their family life private.

9 Adele

This young singer, songwriter and proud mother is a shining example of a celebrity mom who strikes a great balance between her fruitful singing career and her family life. Adele is a mother to her young son Angelo, aged 6, with former husband Simon Konecki.

While she has no issues discussing her experience as a mother in interviews, Adele is known by many for being incredibly vigilant in providing as normal a childhood as can be for her young boy outside of Hollywood's gaze.

8 Janet Jackson

In January 2017, superstar Janet Jackson and her former husband Wissam Al Mana happily welcomed their son Eissa to the world. While she did post one photo with her baby boy on social media, this legendary luminary shies away from the media as much as possible.

After living most of her childhood and family life under the watchful gaze of paparazzi and media outlets everywhere, one can hardly blame Jackson for seeking something different for her children. She has succeeded.

7 Kate Winslet

English actress Kate Winslet is the proud mother of 3 children: Mia (18), Joe (15) and her youngest Bear (5). This confident Oscar winner believes in living a low key life that involves protecting the privacy of her family and keeping her three grown children out of the media's reach.

In her house, she rejects the use of social media claiming it to be too damaging for younger generations' self-esteem and promotes good old-fashioned communication with her loved ones and friends.

6 Zoe Saldana

Ravishing Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana is a mother of 3 boys—Bowie and Cy who are 4, and Zen at age 2—with husband Marco Perego. If posting on social media, this bombshell makes sure her boys' faces are obscured and proudly shares her views on her and Perego's choice to safeguard their children's privacy and make them feel that they're in a safe environment that isn't muddled by flashing lights, cameras, and magazine covers.

At the end of the day, the children need to decide whether they want to follow in their famous parent's footsteps or not.

5 Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson is a mother to 4-year-old Rose with former husband Romain Dauriac. This mom and movie star prides herself in living an understated lifestyle away from all social media outlets. Hollywood was taken by surprise when the celebrity's daughter was born, not ever knowing that Johansson was even pregnant!

With past instances having had her privacy breached, the successful actress strongly believes that living in the spotlight should still entitle you to your own set boundaries. As a mom she carries her philosophies forward, keeping Rose away from media attention and social channels.

4 Anne Hathaway

Academy and Golden Globe-winning actress Anne Hathaway welcomed her son Jonathan into the world in 2016 alongside her husband Adam Shulman. The actress makes a concerted effort to respect and protect the privacy and childhood of their 3-year-old son by keeping his life out of mainstream media outlets.

After posting a photo on Instagram in 2017 of her son watching her United Nations speech, the young actress remarked that she quickly regretted letting the world in on their private life. In the future, she claims she doesn't think she'll ever include her family in public forums ever again.

3 Michelle Williams

American sweetheart and actress Michelle Williams is a parent to Matilda (aged 13), also the daughter of the late Hollywood actor Heath Ledger who tragically passed in 2008. Since his passing, Michelle continues to make every effort to keep her family and daughter's life out of the spotlight.

Michelle moved out of Brooklyn, NY in an attempt to rear Matilda away from the media's glare. In spite of her challenges as a famous single mom, Michelle has managed to preserve her daughter's privacy while still maintaining a rewarding career as a Golden Globe-winning actress.

2 Kristen Bell

American actress Kristen Bell is a mother to two children, Lincoln who's 6 and Delta aged 4, with husband and actor Dax Shepard. In 2014, the blonde bombshell launched a campaign to urge main media outlets—including People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, Buzzfeed and others—to refrain from posting photos of celebrities' children as a way to protect and respect these younger generations' childhood.

The campaign was a great success, eventually leading to the passing of California Senate Bill 606. Kristen and her husband continue to protect the privacy of their family life and children from media.

1 Halle Berry

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry has two children, Nahla age 11 and Maceo age 5. The successful Hollywood star fears that exposing her children to the media can threaten her children's safety as well as privacy. Sadly, such fears are hardly unfounded.

Berry strongly believes that her children will engage in social media when they're old enough to make that decision for themselves. For now, she'll continue to shelter them from the paparazzi so that they can live as normal a childhood as possible.

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