10 Over-The-Top Yet Amazing Celebrity Nurseries

Oh, the fabulous lives of celebrity parents. They seem to have it all: nannies, designer strollers, and luxurious nurseries. Sure, nurseries don't need the most expensive cribs or changing tables to be efficient, but you try telling these celebrities that.

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From commissioned murals to a $5,000 acrylic crib, these famous parents spared no expense when it came to preparing for their little one. While it may seem overly extravagant to us non-celebs, it's still amazing to see the lengths some stars go to create the perfect room before bringing baby home.

We rounded up some of the most grand and over-the-top celebrity nurseries for you to swoon over!

10 Ashlee Simpson

The singer commissioned an actual artist from Disney to complete her son's epic Winnie The Pooh-themed nursery. Imagine waking up every day in your own Hundred Acre Wood!

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Plus, Ashlee included a real chalk board into the mural for her son to get creative with as he grew older. In addition to the coolest nursery mural ever, Ashlee incorporated room for her son to grow with a play area and kid's bed. There's no denying this is one overly extravagant nursery, but also one of the coolest we've seen.

9 Dr. Phil

For his first granddaughter, Dr. Phil spared no expense in creating this "fit for a queen" nursery. He and his wife went all out when it came to dedicating a room to their first grandchild and some room it is! We love the attention to detail and the lavish fabrics used to create this dream nursery. We're sure baby Avery loved visiting this royal room!

8 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera adorned her son's Nintendo-themed nursery with a giant moon which was used as a prop during one of her concerts. Sure, it may be a bit frightening for a small child, but it's also pretty cool and unique. And it's definitely over-the-top!

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We're sure Christina read plenty of fairytale stories to her son to help explain his whimsical nursery decor and he grew to love his one of a kind room. Who else can say they had their mom's concert props as part of their nursery?!

7 Ellen Pompeo

We are loving this brightly decorated nursery actress Ellen Pompeo used for her second daughter! We typically see parents opt for more neutral hues, but not Ellen! The Grey's Anatomy star chose bright pink and yellow to make baby Sienna's room stand out.

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While the color scheme may not be as over-the-top as other celebrity nurseries, the giant puff balls which adorn Ellen's nursery definitely push the limits. They add a fun burst of color, but also bring a certain celebratory vibe to the nursery.

6 Candice And Tony Romo

The former NFL player and his wife, Candice, included pops of bright color in an otherwise neutral nursery. Front and center in this modern nursery is what appears to be a Nursery Works acrylic crib, which currently has a retail value of $5,000!

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This trendy crib is loved by the Kardashians and Beyonce alike, so it's no surprise to see it becoming so popular with other famous families. In addition to a totally hip crib, Tony and Candice's little boy has a pretty neat big kid bed waiting for him! What kid wouldn't love having a little club house in their room?!

5 Peta Murgatroyd And Maksim Chmerkovskiy

This Dancing with the Stars couple had no limits when it came to decorating the nursery for their precious baby boy. The parents focused on neutral colors while including luxury in little Shai's room. The nursery featured plush rugs and trendy lighting as Peta and Makism created a relaxing vibe for their little one. The kid even had his own fireplace to brag about!

4 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian's baby girl may have only recently started walking, but that doesn't mean True can't have her very own luxurious big girl bed! True also gets to sleep in a modern Nursery Works acrylic crib with a butterfly chandelier floating overhead.

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Of course, this is all in her custom-designed nursery featuring neon lights spelling out "Baby Thompson." You may be thinking, "what baby needs neon lights?" but that's what puts this nursery over the top. Little True gets to soak in the feminine vibe of her room while playing under her very own spotlight.

3 Ayesha And Steph Curry

The NBA player and his wife went all out planning their baby boy's nursery. Ayesha partnered with Pottery Barn Kids to feature their new modern baby line in baby Canon's nursery as the mom of three chose simple black and white wallpaper. The Currys added a few touches of color, but focused on cozy modern designs as they included things such as a glider and Art Deco crib. Of course, the room wouldn't be complete without a cloud-soft rug and mustard-colored ottoman providing the perfect amount of texture to this modern nursery.

2 Mel B

It's no surprise this Spice Girl opted for a lavish nursery for her baby girl. The room may seem quite simple on first glance, but it's this simplicity that provides a tranquil and calming vibe for baby. But the room isn't without its glamorous touches!

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Mel B included a tiny luxurious couch for her mini-me as well as a canopy for her over-the-top crib. The nursery wouldn't be complete without a chandelier and a sweet orchid mural framing the baby's sleeping area. We love this sweet, yet simple and dazzling nursery!

1 Kourtney Kardashian

Of course, all of the Kardashian sisters spare no expense when it comes to setting up rooms for their little ones, and Kourtney is no exception. The mom of three decorated daughter Penelope's room herself as she chose a turquoise chandelier to be a main focal point. Fun art, a bright pink rug, and whimsical toy shelf give this room a spunky personality. There's even patterned wallpaper on the ceiling for a baby Penelope to gaze up at! It's not hard to see why Kourtney said it was one of her favorite rooms in her home!

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