Celebrity Parenting: The Best (& Strangest) Trends

Celebrities follow some of the best and some of the strangest trends when it comes to parenting.

E! News recently did an article about celebrity parent trends. One of the strangest trends the site talks about is celebrities eating their placentas. Celebrities like Mayim Bialik, Nikki Reed, January Jones, Alicia Silverstone, and Kim Kardashian West have all eaten their placentas. The celebrity website states there are multiple ways to eat it, including having it turned into pills or making a smoothie out of it. All of the ladies mentioned above have had a positive experience when it comes to this very unique trend.

Another interesting trend E! News is reported on is cord blood banking, and yes it is pretty much exactly what it sounds likes. Blood taken from the baby’s umbilical cord has potentially life saving stem cells, which is the reason celebrity parents are having the blood placed in banks. Audrina Patridge, Nick Carter, as well as Bill and Giuliana Rancic, are all pro cord blood banking. Although the chances of the cord blood being used are slim, many famous parents prefer to go this route just in case.

One celebrity parent trend that everyone can agree on is breastfeeding. It is a known fact breastfeeding is the best form of nutrients for a baby. However, when a celebrity parent or any parent breastfeeds older children... it can put this trend in the strange column. Stars like Danica McKellar and Mayim Bialik, breastfeed their children well into the toddler age, according to E! News. It is completely natural to breastfeed a baby, but what is appropriate the age cut off?

Clapping at mommy shammers has become a celebrity parent trend we can all get behind. Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Julia Stiles, and Hilary Duff, are just a few famous moms who have clapped back at Internet trolls who tried to mommy shame them. There is not a science to parenting, everyone has a different style and that is ok. However, in an online-based world everyone has an opinion and wants to share it or rather tell another person how they should parent. Thankfully, celebrities are paving the way by clapping back in a way that is typically clever and not mean or hateful. Although we hope parent shamming will stop one day, this clapping back is one trend we hope celebrities keep up.

These are just a few trends celebrity parents appear to be following these days. What other parenting trends do you think are taking off because of celebrities?

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