Celebs Versus Reality: 15 Side-By-Sides Of A New Mom's Life

Finally! The sweet journey called ‘pregnancy’ is over. No more swelling, no more sickness, no more long hours on the toilet. All pains, screams and worries of labor are long forgotten. Even the hospital food is in the past. You’re back home. Oh well, there are still socks on the floor but he is your hubby… You’ll shout at him when the baby is not around.

You’re at home holding your bundle of joy - that’s the only thing that matters. You’re a mom and you have an adventure ahead of you: your life as a new mom.

Probably many moms-to-be have read a lot about the first month with the baby, that challenging month that tests your sanity. If they haven’t, for sure there are always people around them to share a lot of wisdom about schedules, breastfeeding and baby yoga. No horror stories can stop a mom, though: the love she feels gives her courage. From a baby monitor to a gum cleanser, moms are prepared to walk along the mysterious road called ‘motherhood’.

On the other hand, celebrity moms, mingling with the common folk, are there to show people that everything about parenthood is easy and sweet. Tiredness, postpartum bellies, social isolation, financial issues, these are things that simply don’t exist. Life is good. Especially through the rose-tinted glasses of social media.

So let’s learn more about 15 celeb moms whose reality is too surreal. Celeb moms vs. us?! In the end, aren’t all moms just perfect?

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15 Body Snatchers

One of the most shocking changes new moms need to deal with is their new body. Many things change during pregnancy and nobody can expect that you’ll have your six-pack back within a week. Each woman is different. However, many new moms report feeling down every time they look at their naked bodies.

Not Chrissy Teigen - she kept not only her sense of humor but her sexy body. Yay! Celebrity moms look glamorous, true. At least on pictures.

However, celeb moms live with their postpartum bodies just like us. Do you remember how many people verbally attacked Kate Middleton after her first child?

So, mommies, give yourself some time, don’t look down at your bellies – look at the cute mini version of yourself. She or he also has a squishy belly!

14 Crazy Rollercoaster

New moms also should accept another change. Your life has changed for good. Karaoke nights have been replaced with singing kids' songs. Camping – well, at least with a place with running water. Eating frozen food – with mashing potatoes for the baby.

We think that our life becomes boring. Especially when we see celeb moms skydiving or surfing. Look at Cindy Crawford, for example! How can she go surfing without her family, one might ask! Who'll do the laundry?

But also, look at yourself, doing baby yoga with your little one, building sandcastles on the beach, jogging with your kids, learning to ride a freeboard with your teen... having a good excuse to visit a theme park. Do you call that boring?

13 Smile! You're On Camera

New moms suffer not only from a wide range of physical and social changes but some emotional issues. Stress, fatigue, and insecurity can cause depressive moods.

Moms can’t even admit that because they feel guilty. Look at all those celeb moms that smile all the time. "Am I worse?"

No, you’re not. In fact, many women suffer from PPD and fame is not a cure. Many celeb moms have opened up about their problems.

Brooke Shields is one of the many who tackled the stigma in our society: "If I had been diagnosed with any other disease, I would have run to get help. I would have worn it like a badge… I didn't at first - but finally I did fight. I survived."

Smile! Smiles are contagious.

12 Working Like A Dog

“To be is to do” (Socrates) and “To do is to be” (Sartre) are two philosophical views that emphasize the importance of being active and productive.

As parents, we work not only to accomplish our professional goals but to provide for our children. Some moms even choose the 24/7 position of a stay-at-home mom. Either way, it’s a known fact that moms work hard. That said, dads do as well. It’s also a fact that balancing between work and family, especially for new moms, is challenging.

Celeb moms seem to cope, though. Even when pregnant or with more than three kids! Look at Catherine Zeta-Jones, for instance. She’s definitely gorgeous. Also, she’s worked hard enough to win an Oscar! Admirations! Look at that smile!

But is this joy possible all the time? Don’t celeb moms have personal assistants to help? Can all moms be caught smiling before work? Or are they too busy with shouting “Hurry up!’ at the little ones who need to take their water bottle or pee again? Paparazzi, there’s a new job for you! Find out!

Moms, forget about false images and social pressure. If you are a new mom and a workaholic, do not get frustrated over the lack of time, simply accept the fact that you’re a Super Mom who can do millions of things at once.

11 Pampered Mom

Human beings are social animals and even women, which men see as creatures from Venus, need some social help. From having someone to share with, to relying on someone to feed the baby, new moms need family or friends around. Without the unwanted advice, though!

Many celeb moms have some social support. Here we can't pick a celeb mom because they all do. A nanny, a whole crew and some ‘me’ time to pamper their soul and body. So blissful! Hair and nails done and some time for gossip. Nice, eh? Another smile for the camera, please!

Oh well, social events for many new moms are often reduced to exchanging baby clothes and talking to non-parents… among whom there’ll be always someone asking if your 2-month old can walk yet.

Hey, new mom, we know you are a party chick. Do not trust all those images on social media. Most of them are well-edited pictures. In the near future, you will have time to pamper yourself. Until then, remember – you’re beautiful.

10 Puppy Eyes

We just can’t get enough of social media! Interestingly enough, some people find pictures of baby animals sweeter than human babies.

Anyway, many celebrity moms present themselves as great animal lovers. They adopt pets, they invest in zoos and they volunteer in jungles and deserts. Look at Kate and Prince William, such a harmonic family!

The truth is that ‘normal’ people do the same but they are often unnoticed. Was there any news about that time when you took that injured bird to the vet? Maybe the mess in your house will be more noticed. New moms who love animals and have considered all pros and cons to keep all their ‘babies’ should just smile when they come back to a mess and two pairs of eyes looking softly at them.

9 Fun Filled Holidays

Holidays, oh, holy days! Family dinners, fresh cakes, and laughter. Sometimes some arguing, burned meals, and baby cry.

Celebrity moms show us how great each seasonal holiday can be. Clean houses, colorful muffins, and cute baby clothes.

New moms can’t wait to celebrate baby’s first Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. Most moms, however, need to deal with guests, babies playing with the icing for the cookies, and wrapping paper ripped by their pets.

Moms, at least you see one thing in common. Your sweet one or cute Max Liron Bratman (Aguiler’s baby boy), there's no difference: kids are kids and they’ll always cry for more candy.

8 The Addams Family

Holidays won’t be the same without your family. However, you often look at you family and compare it to the Kardashians, for example. Yours seems a bit like the Addams family. Always someone crying, another plate is broken, your child tries to take the turtle out of its terrarium. Sometimes the best time with them is when they are all asleep and you can have a long shower… Hey, what’s that weird mark on the towel?

Remember that not all families are perfect. As the great writer Tolstoy says in the iconic novel "Ana Karenina", "All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

7 Love Me Too

Families flourish in love. However, people can't always love each other. Even great stories like Brandjelina come to an end.

If you are a new mom and feel that your man doesn’t find you sexy, you might get a bit jealous when you see how John Legend kisses sexy Chrissy Teigen.

But then remember that even single moms are happy. Lovely Amanda Stanton sheds some light on the topic: "I decided instead of being embarrassed of my failed marriage and ashamed of being a single mother, I was going to OWN it… Being the best mother you can be and giving your kids the BEST life possible has nothing to do with your relationship status and you don’t have to be happily married to have a 'picture-perfect family."

6 Home Sweet Home

New moms have to arrange not only emotional and social aspects of their new life but many physical factors of motherhood. Let’s talk about the nest where the little one will grow and become a free bird: our sweet home.

Moms often see pictures of celebrity moms relaxing with a glass of wine in their palaces or gardens that spread across acres of aromatic land. Then you look at your home and dream of paying off your mortgage. But isn’t the laughter of the little one what makes your house a real home? Do you think Britney Spears, this beloved pop idol, enjoys her house after she lost custody of her kids? Money can’t buy you happiness.

5 Mom Style

Money is not all. But money can buy style, you might say. Look at all the celeb moms that walk joyfully with their angelic kids. It’s not about clothes or houses, it’s the way they walk – almost not touching the ground, the way they smile – reflecting the sun and the lenses of the camera. Aren’t Sara Jessica Parker and her twins adorable?

New moms also want to add some style to motherhood. Is it possible? Your baby crying on a crowded train? Your kid shouting for snacks in the supermarket? So how can celeb moms keep up with all that and look stylish… at least in public? ‘Nannies’, moms, ‘nannies’ is the simple answer!

4 Mom And Baby Twinning

Talking about style, new moms might face some wardrobe problems. As author Amy Tara Koch says, "It’s the fourth trimester! You’ve gone from having a glorious excuse of a stomach to a deflated basketball… Moms can be so self-conscious during those first few months."

And on top of that, all celeb moms and matching trends. Look at Katie Holmes and this perfect navy-like outfit. You’ve also ordered some funny T-shirts for the whole family. You want to match and show everyone how cool you are. But your little one always vomits or cries, ruining the photo. See it this way – you’ll laugh a lot at these designer endeavors in the future. Hey, moms,  seek comfort and don’t spend too much on clothes. Soon you’ll start using your old clothes, won’t you?

3 Drive Away

Another discrepancy of reality - between celeb moms and most of us, revolves around that great invention that we can thank Karl Benz to - the mighty automobile.

Look at all those stylish celebrities with sports cars and convertibles. David Beckham, for example. Is he actually so sexy or is the charm of his dreamy set of wheels so appealing?

The driving battle between men and women doesn’t stop new moms to dream of a professional drift car. However, all moms, including celeb moms, focus on safety. From driving to the supermarket to taking the little one to a tournament, cars need to be safe.

A small hatchback can be great for the city, while a comfy people carrier can be wonderful for a road trip.

2 Travel: Plan, Plan And Plan Some More

Even free hippies and travelers face some challenges when they meet their little one. Often, new moms have other worries and no time to think about trips and places to tick off their bucket list.

Okay, if moms are so busy, how do celeb moms keep traveling? A shot on an exotic island, selfies with giraffes, a panoramic picture of the Alpes. Angelina Jolie even volunteers across the world.

In our society travel has become more available, and in fact, new moms also travel. Although some people complain of babies while traveling on a plane, moms often clear the air out with some goodie bags.

One thing is the same for all new moms – they want to show the best of the world to their little ones.

1 Catch The Ball

And of course, sports. You don’t have to be a cheerleader to enjoy sports. At least, on the TV.

We might not see this, but celeb moms, just like all new moms, want to show their babies how wonderful they are. Each individual is unique. All moms try to encourage their babies to develop their motor skills and overcome their fears. From seeing the little one score for the first time to taking them to the doctors after a game, moms feel extremely proud when they see their baby grow.

Celeb moms present motherhood as easy and flashy. However, as we can see all new moms face similar problems and celebrities can't beat the harsh struggles of real motherhood. In the end, a mother’s love is stronger than fame.

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