10 Celestial Baby Names That Are So Dreamy

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Having a hard time settling on a baby name? Perhaps it’s time to look to the stars for inspiration. We’ve compiled a list of the most original names taken from outer space and beyond. From totally original titles to more standard monikers, there are plenty of options out there for star-gazing parents. The zodiac and constellations offer a variety of great options as well.

We’ve explored planets and were even inspired by the moons of Saturn. This list was created for lovers of astronomy and astrology. Please enjoy this collection of 10 celestial baby names that are so dreamy.

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10 Bianca

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Bianca is an elegant name that is inspired by the heavens. Stargazers may know that Bianca is a moon of the planet Uranus. How lovely is that? We love how soft and sweet this moniker feels. The moon itself was named after a Shakespearian character from the play The Taming of the Shrew, so literary parents will be attracted to it.

It’s an Italian name that means white. This is one of those monikers that sounds cute for a child but has a certain maturity for an adult. Bianca is a classic option that will suit your little girl at every stage of her life.

9 Leo

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Leo is one of those names that hits all the right points for parents who follow astrology. For starters, Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. This means it would be the perfect option for a baby that is born in the summer. It’s also inspired by the constellation Leo, so it’s got quite the celestial pedigree.

It’s a Latin name that means lion. Powerful, masculine, and commanding, a little boy named Leo will always be the leader of the pack, for sure. This one has gained popularity thanks to the Oscar-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

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8 Stella

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If you’re hoping to give your daughter a name that is out of this world, look no further than Stella. This name is also steeped in cinematic history as it was first heard in the classic film A Street Car Named Desire. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are a famous couple that named their daughter Stella.

It’s so timeless that your little girl will recapture the magic of this moniker, bringing into our time. Stella is a Latin name that means star. Your little girl will shine brighter than the rest of them with a name as brilliant as this one.

7 Orion

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Orion is another option for parents who want to give their son a celestial name. Inspired by the mythological hunter and the well-known constellation, this moniker is just too whimsical to pass up. The best part is that it’s a name that you don’t hear often, so it’s very distinctive.

It’s a Greek name that hasn’t seen much action on the charts until it saw a small surge in 2016. It’s just waiting for you to claim it. Dynamic, bright, and bold, Orion is one that you should add to your list if you’re looking for something unique.

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6 Nova

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The name Nova is an ethereal name that would be work for a boy or a girl. Gender-neutral monikers are popular right now. Although, we think it would be a beautiful name for a little lady. A nova is defined as a star that shines brighter before fading.

It’s a dramatic space event that offers a ton of flair and inspiration. Nova is a Latin name that means new. Your daughter will feel so special if you give her this name as it’s currently not overused. She’ll also more than likely be the only kid named Nova at school.

5 Skye

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If you’re looking for a name that is mystical without being too outlandish then you will love the name, Skye. This is another unisex moniker but we love it for a little boy. It gets a few points for being a one-syllable name and for being inspired by nature, both of which are on-trend.

Skye is a Scottish name that evokes images of the Isle of Skye. Although, we like it because it reminds us of the cosmos, which is just too dreamy not to include on this list. You’d be smart to claim this one before your friends do.

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4 Lyra

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Lyra is a striking moniker that is inspired by the stars. Taken from the small constellation of the same name, this would be a captivating choice. It just stands out from the rest of the names that parents are currently choosing, which makes it feel rare and fresh.

It’s a Greek name that means lyre but we love the special association it has with astronomy. Book lovers might remember that Lyra was a character in the story The Golden Compass. A little girl with this name will be mysterious and have her head in the clouds.

3 Archer

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Parents who follow the zodiac will be attracted to the name Archer for their son because it represents the Sagittarius sign. This one would be adorable for a baby born in the fall as Sagittarius birthdays fall between November 22 and December 22.

A little boy named Archer will love to explore the world around him as this sign always yearns for freedom. It’s an English name that means bowman. We think that a cute nickname for this one would be Archie. Which will attract fans of the series Riverdale. It’s so versatile that Archer should please both mom and dad.

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2 Phoebe

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Phoebe is no doubt the most adorable name on this list for a little girl. Inspired by one of the moons of Saturn, this one is celestial without being too “out there”. It’s a Greek name that means radiant, shining one. We just love that it has such an endearing meaning.

You can’t hear this name without thinking of the quirky character from television show Friends. Although, your daughter would add her own spunk to this delightful name. Cheerful, eccentric, and fun, Phoebe is a girl that everybody will want to be around. Be sure to snatch this one up.

1 Crux

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Crux is one of those names that sounds like it’s taken straight out of a science fiction movie. Drawn from the smallest constellation in the Milky Way galaxy, this one packs a serious punch for being inspired by something so tiny. It would take a kid with a big personality to carry this moniker.

According to Names.org, out of all the records recorded by the U.S. Social Security Administration, there is no record of anyone ever being given the name Crux. Your son will truly be one-of-a-kind with a name like this. That’s such a rare thing to find.

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