Study Shows That A Parent's Cell Phone Addiction Affects Their Child's Development

Parents are just as addicted to their cell phones these days as their kids are known to be. However, what they might not realize is that their constant desire to be on their phones is actually hurting their child's development.

Not long ago a daycare center’s note to parents went viral. It basically told parents to put down their phones and pay attention to their children when they picked them up because all the kids wanted to do was share their day with mom and dad. Now, a study is showing why it is so crucial for parents to take note of their cell phone habits and use.


It is a widely known fact that too much screen time for kids and toddlers can be harmful to their development. However, a new study conducted by the University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital has revealed that a parent's screen time is having a severe impact on the mental health of their kids.

Researchers discovered that the more times parents spent on their devices meant they were having less meaningful interactions with their children. When technology interrupts quality time a child is hoping to have with his or her parents, the child can be left feeling frustrated, unimportant and not a priority to their parents. Those feelings can cause a child to act out in a negative manner that is harmful to the whole family.

The study conducted featured 170 two-parent families that were asked to recall how many times their children were whinny, irritable or grumpy. They were also asked to reveal how much time a parent was on their cell phone each day and week, with the focus being how often technology interrupted family time. If the interruptions were at dinnertime and playtime, the behavior of the children seemed more affected.

Although the direct correlation between parent screen time and a child's behavior is still being examined, any time a parent is not paying attention to their child will impact the little one. Parents should limit not only screen time for their kids but also for themselves. They should have a family limitation when it comes to devices. Technology is ever-changing and can be helpful, but when it comes to family, sometimes you need to power down and get back to basics. Board game night, anyone?


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