Cersei's Pregnancy Is The Most Important Thing In Game Of Thrones Right Now

SPOILER ALERT: This article includes spoilers for Game of Thrones - up to and including Season 8, Episode 4. Do not read any further unless you consent to reading spoilers. Alright, let’s carry on!

We’re only four episodes deep in this last season of Game of Thrones and it has been an absolute rollercoaster! Will Jon/Ageon get over his hangups and admit he loves his aunt? I’m so pumped to see Arya be the baddest of all - you need Gendry like a fish needs a bicycle, girl! I can’t really explain why, but I called that Gilly pregnancy coming from a mile away as soon as I saw her in the cloak. Gotta say I’m proud to have given her the lofty title of Best Mother In Game Of Thrones. But Gilly’s baby isn’t the only pregnancy rocking the boat in this mesmerizing Game Of Thrones!

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Cersei revealed to Jamie earlier this season that she is pregnant - and that this child is his. If that’s true, the brother-sister duo will have brought four children into the world! Of course, Cersei’s children have been used as pawns against her. As a mom, I feel for her. I would want to destroy anyone who threatened - or actually harmed - my own children. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t end up also laying waste to entire people groups, but I’m not judging!

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With each of her pregnancies, Cersei has played into paternity rumors and outright lies. Her first three kids were passed off as Robert Baratheon’s kids. In reality, every single one of them was the spawn of Cersei’s incestuous relationship with her brother Jamie. This time around, Cersei has told Jamie that she is pregnant with his child. To muddy the waters on the baby’s paternity, she decided to get busy with Euron this season. She’s told Euron he’s the father of this baby - of course, he’s probably the only person who could believe a word from her mouth.

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So what does this baby mean? First of all, it means Cersei intends to create an heir to take the throne after her. She is establishing a dynasty and alliances to keep her child safe and maintain control of Westeros. Second, and I cannot stress this enough, she’s doing it to manipulate everyone in her family. RUN FOR THE HILLS, remaining Lannisters! We just saw Cersei’s ruthlessness. She threatened to kill her own brother; instead, she executed Missandei in front of Daenerys.

Let’s not forget the prophecy told by the woods witch known as Maggy The Frog. Maggy told Cersei that she would have three children with the king (Robert Baratheon). They would have “golden crowns” and, she eerily foreshadowed, “golden shrouds”. It seems Cersei has taken much of this prophecy to heart as she thinks of it often. As well she should; Maggy told Cersei a younger, more beautiful queen would cast her down from the throne. 

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With Daenerys literally staring down the gates of King’s Landing, it’s no surprise Cersei wants to conjure a pregnancy for her political benefit. Aside from a few shadowy shots, have we even confirmed Cersei is actually pregnant? If she is, I don’t think Daenerys plans on letting her carry this baby to term.

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