Is Cersei Pregnant On "Game of Thrones"? Here's What We Know

After well over a year of waiting, the eighth season of Game Of Thrones has finally begun. Now begins the countdown to a time when there will be no more episodes of the iconic series left to watch. Let's not think about that just yet as we still have the majority of what promises to be the most action-packed season to come. So much has already happened and we are only one episode deep. Jon Snow knows he's a Targaryen, Jaime Lannister has arrived at Winterfell, and the White Walkers are growing ever closer.


However, what we are still dying to know is whether Cersei Lannister is actually pregnant or not. Since the Queen of King's Landing has been so devious in the past, it is natural that most viewers don't tend to trust her all that much. Whether she is with child or not, she has already been using that fact or fiction to manipulate her position in the seven kingdoms. Here's what we know so far and whether we believe there is actually a new baby Lannister on the way.

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Let's rewind a little to season seven to really kick things off. The first time Cersei used her pregnancy to get her own way. When she told her brother/lover Jaime that not only was she pregnant, but the baby was his. Without delving too deeply into what is a stomach-churning relationship between these two, that news will have pulled on Jaime's heartstrings for a number of reasons. With the kingslayer questioning his sister's plans for the future of the seven kingdoms, Cersei needed a reason to get her brother back on side.


Now, that is still not proof one way or the other. Cersei may well have invented a pregnancy to manipulate Jaime, or it could well have been a handy coincidence. Jaime isn't the only sibling Cersei has told about the imminent arrival of a new Lannister, though. Tyrion also put two and two together when his sister refused to drink wine. Again, seeing an opportunity, Cersei used that revelation to make Tyrion believe that she would side with Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow in their battle against the dead. Again, was this another handy coincidence, or did she want Tyrion to think she was pregnant for that exact reason?

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In a TV show as well put together as Game Of Thrones, you can bet your house that even the smallest detail doesn't happen by accident. That's why an action that will have gone unnoticed by most leads us to believe that Cersei might well have been telling the truth to begin with, but has since lost what would have been her fourth child. That action was her willingness to drink wine. After sleeping with Euron Greyjoy, more on that in a second, she is shown drinking wine. Although the Seven Kingdoms doesn't strike us as the kind of place where people much care about drinking while pregnant, clearly Cersei did at some point.


Sticking with the interaction between Cersei and Euron, the latter has been trying to get his Queen into bed since the first time they met. After telling him it'll happen once the war is over, Euron threatened that he might turn tail and take the Iron Fleet with him. With that, Cersei decided to give Euron what he wanted. After the act was done came the line that has had everyone talking ever since. Euron smugly told Cersei that he is going to put a prince in her belly. That's when a teary-eyed Cersei was shown sipping from a glass of wine.

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Just to convolute this situation even further, that could mean a number of things. It could well be that Cersei did lose her and Jaime's baby, hence the tears, and is hoping Euron will now make her pregnant. That way, she can claim that she never lost the baby and the newest addition to the Lannister family is Jaime's. On the flip side, perhaps Cersei has started up a sexual relationship with Euron so that when she does give birth, no one will suspect that the baby was born of an incestual relationship. That's assuming she is still pregnant. That would also explain the wine as she wouldn't want to arouse any suspicion from Euron that she might already be expecting a child.

For perhaps the most telling piece of evidence in all of this, we have to go back further than anything we have covered so far. Cersei was told a long time ago by Maggie the Frog that she would have three children, and they would all die. At last count, Cersei had three children, and all have since passed. If that prophecy turns out to be true then there is no way we will be getting a new Lannister. Definitely a blessing if you ask us.

As we said at the very beginning of this article, the families of the seven kingdoms have already begun to be shaken up in season eight. Jon is a Targaryen, Cersei might be pregnant with a Greyjoy, and Sam has discovered that his father and his brother were incinerated by Daenerys's dragons. With all of that happening in the space of an hour, it's probably safe to assume that we are going to witness some more bombshells in the coming weeks. Whether Cersei is pregnant or not, she is definitely up to something.


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