I've Changed My Mind, I Need A Clean Home

It wasn't too long ago that I said, "That's it, I'm over keeping a spotless home." I threw my hands in the air and gave way to the chaos of living with a husband and a tiny person, both of whom leave a trail behind them (Sorry to my husband!). Today, though, I woke up and decided enough was enough. I can't look at the mess anymore. I need a change!

Our house isn't disgusting by any means. The trash is taken out regularly, the fridge isn't crawling with nasty things, and the bathrooms are clean. But there's clutter everywhere. There are toys everywhere. Laundry is thrown on the floor and onesies that are covered in smooshed banana, for example, are just waiting for me to treat them with stain remover before throwing in the washing machine.

Those decorative pillows I love so much? Even those are bothering me right now. They're too big and there's too many of them. That last point has me wondering if I've lost my mind.

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I haven't lost my mind, but I am craving simplification. I'm craving order. I think there's a fine line between accepting the mess and wanting a spotless home. I'm usually very close to that line, if not teetering right on it. Today I've tipped over to the perfection side.

Motherhood is a balancing act and I have conceded that I'll probably never have it all figured out. Tomorrow I might not care so much about tidying, but today I need to clean. I need to sort the laundry that's been washed. I need to relocate the exersaucer and the jumperoo our baby used to love. Cleaning alleviates stress, anyway, so I'll just tackle it right now. After I'm finished today, our home should be neat, I'll be reminded just how abundant our blessings are, and my mind will be much clearer. At least I hope.

Last spring, before I was pregnant, I adopted the KonMari method: a minimalist-inspired practice of tidying that leaves homes with only the things that "spark joy." A selection of special belongings were kept — and put in their own special place in our home — while other items were tossed or donated. Only the good stuff remained. I also read a lot from The Minimalists and became low-key obsessed with them.

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Though all of this, I resolved to ditch consumerism and be happy with what I had. It was all well and good until our baby came along! I wanted to buy her everything; she was just so darn cute, and so was everything out there designed for a baby girl. We didn't buy her everything, but our home is still overflowing with baby toys and clothes and... today it all needs to go.

I don't want to get a bigger home. I'm not ready for that yet, despite the fact that Americans move on average 11 times in their lifetime. This place is 1,000 square feet of everything our family needs right now and then some. It's time to tidy and, again, sort through our belongings so this mama doesn't lose her mind today.

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