10 Adorable Channing Tatum Dad Moments

Actor Channing Tatum has certainly been making a splash in Hollywood over the last decade or so, and he has become quite famous. But nothing is as important to Tatum as being a father.

The actor is very vocal about his little one. After she was born, Tatum spent a great deal of time working on multiple movies at once, and he spoke about how difficult it was to be away from his little girl, which honestly just makes him even more likable.

But even with his busy schedule, Tatum has made many adorable memories with his little one, whose name is Everly Tatum. Tatum has had lots of great dad moments that stole the hearts of many of his fans from all around the world.

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10 He Wore A Onesie On Halloween

The actor once wore a onesie in order to celebrate Halloween with his daughter. That is adorable, but not at all surprising since he appears to like wearing them fairly often. He has sported clothing like this on multiple occasions.

In fact, the actor claimed that he and his ex-wife, actress Jenna Dewan, as well as their daughter, all wore onesies when they celebrated Christmas. He loves them, and he does not understand why some people stopped wearing them at a young age. It’s easy to understand why The Hateful Eight star feels that way. Onesies are actually pretty comfortable.

9 He Posted A Picture Of Everly In A Unicorn Onesie

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Unicorns do exist.

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Tatum has posted a lot of adorable things on Instagram, one of which was a rather simple image of his daughter. But just because there wasn't a lot in the image does not mean that it was anything less than beautiful.

The actor captured an image of Everly standing on what appears to be a boat as she looks out over the water. This picture also tells fans that Tatum is not the only member of his family that has a real passion for onesies. Everly actually appears to be wearing a unicorn onesie, which is why the caption reads "unicorns do exist."

8 Channing Let Everly Paint His Face

Tatum certainly did not mind showing his Instagram followers his softer side a while back when he posted a video which showed some face paint he allowed his adorable little girl to put on him. Apparently, the face paint was inspired by the film Braveheart. Since it was his birthday, he also thanked all of his followers for wishing him a happy birthday.

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Another thing that made this moment really adorable is the fact that he appeared to be riding a horse in the video. The horse’s name is Cajun, and it was a gift from his ex-wife. Tatum also has another horse named Smoke.

7 He Jokes About Star Wars

Tatum told a pretty clever Star Wars joke when he posted one of numerous images he has of his gorgeous little girl on social media. The actor captioned the image by saying that it appeared as though he lost Everly in the Jundland Wastes.

He then joked about it being the last photo he has of her. For those who are unfamiliar with the reference, the Jundland Wastes are a fictional location from the Star Wars film series. Fans of the films know that this is a spot where Luke Skywalker found himself in a pretty dangerous situation. Tatum has only been a father for a little while, but his dad joke game is strong.

6 Channing Boasts About How Cool She Is

Tatum just can not get over how cool his little girl is, and his fans are loving it. Recently, he posted a very cute image he took while he and Everly were attending an event at the school she goes to.

There were lots of kids there, and apparently, Everly was the only one who threw up a shaka, which made her dad a very proud parent. All of the actor's fans think he is pretty cool, but his daughter seems to be giving him a run for his money as far as that goes. Tatum feels as though Everly is much cooler than he is.

5 He Was Very Excited About His First Father’s Day

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First Father's Day with our lil angel!

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Tatum and Dewan celebrated his first Father’s Day by showing the world what their new baby girl looked like in 2013. Both parents posted a family photo of Tatum, as well as Dewan, admiring their adorable daughter. The caption Dewan included with the image she posted read “first Father’s Day with our lil angel!” It was short, but also very sweet.

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Being a father certainly seems to be suiting Tatum quite well. This was just the first of numerous adorable images of his daughter that he has shared with the world. While he and Everly’s mother are no longer married to one another, it seems that the pair have had some great times with their daughter.

4 Channing Posted A Photo Of Everly’s Dreamcatcher On Instagram

Tatum loves to boast about the things his cute daughter has done, and a great example of this is the image he posted of himself holding up a dreamcatcher. According to the caption, talented little Everly created the decoration herself, and made her father very proud.

Even though he is a famous actor, Tatum is an incredibly relatable parent. Nearly all moms and dads like to show off their children’s talents, and of course, Tatum is no different, which is part of what so many people love about him. The love he has for his little girl is pure magic, and his fans adore the relationship he shares with Everly.

3 He Dressed Up As Jack Skellington

Everly has some pretty cool parents who are willing to do anything for her, even if that means dressing up as animated fictional characters like Sally and Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Before Tatum and his wife split up, they celebrated Halloween by dressing up as those two characters, which is what their daughter requested.

Dewan took to her Instagram account to post an image of herself and Tatum in their costumes. The actress captioned the image by saying "when your daughter asks for Sally and Jack, you give her Sally and Jack." Then she followed that up by wishing everyone a happy Halloween.

2 They Went All Out For The Holidays

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Happy holidays from the Tatums!

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Everly and her mom and dad had a pretty big Christmas celebration back in 2014, during which Tatum and his ex-wife dressed up as Santa Claus. Jenna posted an image of the pair while they were in costume.

Apparently, they didn't actually do this on Christmas. Instead, they did it a few weeks beforehand when they took a trip to Disneyland. While no images of Everly herself was ever posted, it seems pretty evident that the little one had a blast. It seems as though her mother and father really enjoy celebrating holidays a lot, and they never miss a chance to dress in costume.

1 Channing Doesn't Always Need A Reason To Post Images Of Everly

Recently, Tatum posted a couple of gorgeous images of Everly, who was wearing a beautiful pink dress as she appeared to be playing on a trampoline. The caption, which definitely pulls at the heartstrings, read "me and you little tail feather, running through fairytales forever. Let's go." It seems Tatum is really enjoying this fatherhood thing.

Tatum transitioned into his role as a father pretty easily, and one thing that proves that is the fact that he does not need a special reason to post images of his little girl. Tatum seems like a dad who really enjoys being involved in his daughter's life, which just makes him even more likable.

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