Chattanooga Mother Charged With Child Abuse After Viral Video Shows Her Smoking, Mishandling Baby

Warning: the video below may be disturbing to some readers

Tybresha Sexton has been arrested for aggravated child abuse due to a Facebook live video showing her smoking and drinking with her one-month-old baby. The social media post caused a lot of distress, and many were concerned for the baby’s safety. The Chattanooga Police were informed of the situation, and they were able to handle the situation.

Reportedly, Sexton decided to have a night in to celebrate her 24th birthday. She couldn’t find anyone to watch over her baby, so she just decided to spend the night with her. Her celebration involved smoking and drinking alcohol, and she did so while holding her daughter. For some reason, she decided to air a Facebook live video of the night, and this prompted neighbours to call the police.

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In the video, Sexton can be seen smoking something with one hand while holding Stormi in the other. She was also captured downing a bottle of vodka. The video takes a more disturbing turn when she begins to lift her baby up over and over again with one hand. Her rough handling of Stormi continues on for half an hour, and at some point, she picked the infant up by the arm and dropped her.

Her neighbours were disturbed by what they saw and called the police. While they don’t believe she’s a terrible person, they did fear for the baby’s life. One neighbour even telling ABC that he doesn’t believe she had malicious intentions, but her actions did go too far. Her friend defended her on air by stating that she knows that she’s a good mother. The police, however, were unconvinced, and took her to the Hamilton County Jail.

UPDATE: THEY GOT HER SORRY ASS!!!!CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — A Chattanooga mother is charged with aggravated child abuse...

Posted by Vanessa A Williams on Monday, September 30, 2019

According to the arrest report, the baby girl is currently with her grandmother while Sexton is in jail. The affidavit reports that during the arrest, she loudly declared that she didn’t want the baby anyway. With that, law enforcement officers arrested her for child abuse. While this is the first time she’s been charged with child abuse, she has been arrested several times before for drugs, robbery, and resisting law enforcement.

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