Cheap Father's Day Gifts For Dads Of Tots Under 2

Father's Day is coming up soon and we're sure you are trying to think of the perfect gift to give to the dad in your life! This list of great gift ideas is perfect for dads with kids who are 2 and under! If you are looking for a great gift idea on a budget then you should check this out, we've got some suggestions.

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A Nap

When we think about parents of young children we always assume that mom is extremely tired. We sometimes forget that dad is tired too! We have met a lot of dads who actually wake up in the middle of the night to take care of the babies so that mom can sleep! Isn't that amazing? Well, now dad is very tired and he works so hard. Dad might just want a nap for Father's Day. Instead of making dad go through all of the events of the day, he might just want a nap.  If he isn't really a nap kind of guy you can also make it so that he gets to sleep in! He would love that!

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Daddy's Goodie Box

A daddy's goodie box is a perfect gift and there is no way you could possibly go wrong. Get a simple box, or basket at the dollar store and fill it with all of his favorite things! You can fill it with snacks, chocolate, candy, drinks, jerky, or whatever you think that dad would love to have! He will love being able to open up a goodie box that is filled with his favorites. This is also a great gift because you can choose your budget.

Cozy Slippers

Who doesn't love cozy slippers? Now that dad has a young little one he probably spends a lot more time at home instead of out and about like he is used to. He might want to have some cozy slippers that he can wear while he is spending time with his little ones.

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Personalized Wallet

There are some awesome places online where you can purchase wallets that have personalized pictures, or messages engraved on the wallets. Not only could a wallet serve as a practical gift, but also a sentimental one. You can put a picture of your little one with dad, or you can place the names of your children on the wallet. Dad would love to have a wallet that he can look at and remember all the people who love him and look up to him! They have some awesome options of engraved wallets on Etsy that you can check out! The wallets are also budget friendly! So, if you are looking for a cheap fathers day gift that means a lot then this is the perfect gift!

Soulfeel Jewelry

Remote and Drink Caddy

There are cool caddy's that dad can just pick up and take over to the couch to watch his favorite shows. The caddy can be filled with whatever he would like! He can fill it with snacks, the remote, or even his favorite drink! Some of the caddies even have a bottle opener attached to the side, so they never have to get up! He would love to be able to have this because then all of his favorite things are in one spot and can be moved so that little ones don't grab his stuff!

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Movie Tickets

Send dad to the movies! You can buy him a ticket and just let him leave the house to watch a movie by himself. He can go watch whatever movie he wants and get all of the snacks that he may want. Dad's of small children want to get away too! They want to be able to get out of the house and do something on their own. Mom's who stay at home might think, "well, he gets away every day." Work is not the same as getting to go to the movies and be all by himself. We sometimes forget about the mental health of our dads. They need time to breathe too!

Gift Card to His Favorite Fast Food Joint

Some people think that giving somebody a gift card is a "lame" gift because it feels like a present that doesn't take a lot of thought. Have you ever been mad at somebody giving you a gift card to your favorite restaurant? No, you have not! Give dad a gift card to his favorite fast food place. Then he can go out for lunch at work. He will love it! It is simple, you can choose the budget, and he will absolutely use it!

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New BBQ Set

Getting dad a new grill set would be a perfect gift. Sometimes dads will continue using their old bbq set and never buy a new one. They might need some new barbeque tools like a spatula, tongs and a barbeque brush! It is a simple gift, but if you have a dad in your life that loves to barbeque then they would probably love this gift! These types of sets are relatively cheap and so it wouldn't hurt your wallet too much!

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We hope you found what you are looking for and have a great idea as to what to get dad for fathers day! Dads with young kids definitely deserve something special and we hope you find the perfect gift to show him how much he means to you!

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