Cheap Mom Enforces A $20 "Cover Fee" For Her Daughter's Birthday Parties

One mom has the neighborhood parents talking by enforcing a cover charge at her kid's birthday.

In an advice column for the Boston Globe, one concerned citizen, who remained anonymous, asked for help regarding her friend who requires guests to leave $20 when attending her daughter's birthday. The party host even leaves a basket at the front of the house for money envelopes, and it's causing the other parents to talk behind her back. Now, the unnamed writer isn't sure if she should tell the cheap mom that she's become a bit of a topic.

"Every year, she charges people to come to her daughter’s birthday party," writes the concerned parent. "If it is at a venue, the e-mail will say something along the lines of 'please bring $20 to cover the cost of your child.'"

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Yikes, that's quite the request — especially if she doesn't leave a little bit of money for parties her daughter goes to (which wasn't discussed). In her letter to the Globe, the concerned mom mentioned that, at least on the surface, the woman who leaves the money basket is not poor, making the request for funds even more strange.

Still, Robin Abrahams — the advice-giver in this particular column — says it's important to not assume the family's financial status. Yet, Abrahams did suggest talking to the party-mom about it, but not to make it sound so malicious.

With all that in mind, birthday parties are not cheap. While we weren't given an age for this particular child, the average cost for a 10 person party is around $100, but it could reach $200 to $300, according to Coconut Cove Play.  That's without taking into account the price of gifts, which can range anywhere from below $100 to $3oo — depending on the parent — and gift bags for the guests.

With that in mind, depending on the age of the children at the party, there doesn't have to be too much thought put into it. A little bit of pizza and a back yard to play in is probably enough to keep kids happy. Then again, some other ideas, like going to the movies, laser tag, or renting a jumping castle could cost a little more.

Regardless of the price though, it shouldn't be the responsibility of the guest to pay for the party you want to throw for your child. Perhaps, next year, it would be a better idea to budget out something that won't break the bank too much.


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