Cheddar Scratch Kitchen Is Giving Away Welcome Home Baby Bundles To Bread Loving Parents

Cheddar Scratch Kitchen serves comfort food and other American favorites at a grand scale of deliciousness for a great price. Starting now, every customer that walks through their doors will be given a warm honey butter croissant. If that isn't incentive enough to go to Cheddars everything they serve is truly great and tastes homemade.

In honor of this richly flavored baked good, Cheddar's is introducing the Welcome Home Baby Bundle for new parents. The pack features an infant support pillow in the shape of a croissant to cuddle baby, an adult-sized croissant shaped pillow to relax on, a croissant-themed onesie, a comfy croissant blanket, and a $30 gift card! Is anyone else craving croissants?

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Via Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

The baby bundles were available on their website for a short time. Unfortunately, there were only 50 baby bundles available to buy and of course, they all sold out quickly. However, Cheddar's is giving away a handful of baskets. In order to win a croissant themed baby gift basket follow Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen on Facebook. They will soon release the details of the contest.

If this adorable basket wasn't enough, Cheddar's locations across the U.S. will be visiting local hospitals and gifting families who have just had babies with a Welcome Basket!  This basket will include a dozen freshly baked honey butter croissants and ready-to-cook homemade chicken pot pies, broccoli cheese casserole, and hot fudge cake. New parents need easy food to eat in those hectic first days of bringing home a baby. Cheddar's gets you and has your back.

They will be gifting new families through the week of November 18th.

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These honey butter croissants live up to the hype. They're actually the restaurant's number one rated item and the most talked about menu option on social media. May the croissant odds be ever in your favor. Would you love to lay your baby on a croissant? Or dress them in a cute baked good onesie?  Who wouldn't? It's all so cute! And yummy.

It feels good to support a company that cares about people. These baby baskets are great and such an amazing gesture! Head over to Cheddar's soon to get your croissant and enjoy a homecooked meal.

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