Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Croissant-Themed Baby Bundles Welcomed Babies Across The Country

Earlier in the month, we told you about Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen giving away adorable "Welcome Home Baby Bundles" to newborn babies and their families. The comfort food restaurant was sending smiling staff from all over the country to hospitals to bring new families a comfort food croissant themed "Welcome Home" basket featuring comfy croissant designed products and yummy food.

Each newborn Welcome Home basket came with a dozen of Cheddar's famous honey butter croissants freshly baked and ready to munch on as soon as you got baby home. Also included was ready to cook and eat chicken pot pie, broccoli cheese casserole, and a hot fudge cake. Yum! New parents need nothing more than ready made food.

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Cheddar's employees in 27 states handed out these baskets to surprised, exhausted, and grateful new parents. It would be amazing to leave the hospital with food after giving birth.

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Via Costa Communication

This promotion was paired with a Cheddar's honey butter croissant themed baby bundles that were available for sale online earlier this month. Cheddar's sold out of these gift baskets that included a croissant shaped baby support pillow, a cute onesie, a baby blanket, a 4ft tall croissant shaped body pillow and a $30 Cheddar's gift card.

This amazing deal with super cute items was on sale for $50. There was a very limited amount of baskets available. Hopefully next year, Cheddar's has more baby bundles available for new parents and croissant lovers.

All of the items looked truly comfy and these honey butter croissants are very good and worth all the hype. Cheddar's gives them out free to every guest who dines in.

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Honey Butter Croissants Baby Bundle Via Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

The honey butter croissant is Cheddar Scratch Kitchen's most popular menu item and most talked-about on social media. They decided to not only promote the sweet bread goodness but make a whole line of comfy products. Croissants are not only delicious but they also apparently make great pillows.

We love this idea and hope Cheddar's makes these baby bundles into an annual thing. Honey butter croissants are not only delicious but comforting.

Way to go Cheddar's! We love when families are supported like this.

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