Chelsea Houska Discusses Pregnancy With Baby Number Three


And baby makes five! It's baby # 3 for Chelsea Houska of Teen Mom fame. Houska stars on MTV's Teen Mom 2 and recently found out that she and husband, Cole DeBoer are expecting their second child together. Houska and DeBoer are raising Houska's daughter, 9-year-old Aubree Lind (her father is Houska's ex, Adam Lind) and Houska and DeBoer's first child, Watson Cole who celebrated his first birthday in January.

"We do a blood test so I found out when he was working so I got to tell him what the baby was on camera so that was exciting," Houska told E! News. "I know people always say their husbands are great or whatever but I think mine is the best. He's patient. He works all day and still comes home and helps me with what I need. He makes sure to get time in with the kids before bed. He's just a good guy all around".

Just a few months ago in March, Houska announced to her fans online that she and DeBoer are expecting a girl this time around. Houska seems to have a powerful network of fans that have supported her throughout her motherhood journey which has been very, very public.


But last season, there was some friction when viewers complained that Houska's segments on the show were "all fluff". At one point, Houska even admitted that the production team had her and her husband embellish topics just so they would create some "drama" for her segments. Way to punish the girl for living a happy and carefree life!

Houska said that she feels the importance of being open and honest while she is being filmed for the show. But she also said that with that, there is some trepidation. Allowing the world to see your personal life can be scary. Houska explained, "even after nine years, it's definitely still scary".

She also talked to E! about her children watching the reality show one day and said that she knows it's inevitable that they are going to see it, and she's right. Come on, who wouldn't want to watch a show that was filming during their entire childhood? The mom stated that her youngest (for now), Watson, will have no problem watching some of the more emotional scenes that deal with issues surrounding her father, Adam Lind.

You can check out the Houska-DeBoer-Lind clan and catch up on all of their latest baby excitement when Teen Mom 2 airs on Monday night at 9:00 PM on MTV

From everyone at BabyGaga, our warmest congratulations go out to Chelsea, Cole, Aubree, and baby Watson!


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