Chicago Woman Reunited With Baby Whose Life She Saved With Stem Cell Donation

Brooke Dordek finally met the baby she saved a year ago with her stem cell donation. The impulse decision to see if she could donate her blood stem cells ended up saving the life of a baby in need. The moment she saw him in real life, Dordek was speechless.

Last year, Dordek was attending a charity event in the neighbourhood of West Rogers Park. A certain booth caught her eye: Gift of Life. They randomly asked her if she wanted her cheek swabbed to see if she’ll be a match one day, and the mom agreed. After all, there’s no harm in seeing if she’s a match for someone.

Shortly after that, Dordek was contacted to inform her that she has matched with a baby in a different state. The little boy had an immune system disorder, and it was highly unlikely he would make it without her donation. While she wanted to help right away, the baby was in D.C., so she had to leave her own small children behind. As a mom, it’s hard to make the decision to leave your kids for a little while.

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What pushed her to go is her friend had a baby with the same condition. She remembered how much her friend and her baby was suffering, and the agony of waiting for a donor made everything worse. They weren’t able to find a cure, and the baby boy died. With that memory, she made arrangements and left for D.C.

A year later, Sabastian is alive and well. The three-year-old happily met Dordek at a gala in Beverly Hills, not knowing that she is the woman who saved him. His parents, Juan and Nancy, were speechless and didn’t know how to thank Dordek. They wanted to endlessly thank her for saving their child, but they didn’t know how. Dordek just told them that she doesn’t expect anything in return. She just imagined that if she were in the situation, she would be searching across oceans for a cure for her baby. She was just happy to make sure that a kid has another chance at life.

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