Chicago West's Carrier Revealed: 15 Facts About Kim K's Surrogate

Chicago West is the well-known newest member of the Kimye clan. Born in January of 2018, this healthy little baby girl was carried and delivered by a surrogate as a result of Kim Kardashian’s warning that her next pregnancy could be extremely dangerous to her due to a condition that could cause hemorrhaging during birth. Kardashian and West decided, after careful contemplation, to contact an agency to find out about some options for having a surrogate carry their third child. Much of their struggle was broadcast during episodes of Kim’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and fans followed (and empathized with) her struggle.

At first, things were pretty secretive as to who this surrogate mom was, even blurring out her face on an episode of the show. Kim explained that this was to ensure her surrogate’s privacy and safety.

Now that Chicago, named after her father’s hometown, has been born and things are settling down in the Kardashian household, more information is being revealed about this secret surrogate who will always be a huge part of their lives. Below are 15 things you may not have known about this mysterious surrogate mother that carried the Kardashian kid!

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15 Her Name Is…

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Kim and Kanye’s surrogate mom is no longer nameless and faceless.

She is known as La’Reina Haynes.

This mom is just like any other mom except that she decided on this amazing, selfless (possibly not as selfless as we may think when we see the price tag on such an endeavor) act to help another family. La’Reina is a mom who stated that she is truly humbled to be able to provide such a service to any family.

La’Reina’s identity was kept secret for a bit to ensure her safety and the safety of the future Chicago West. Kim and Kanye did not want to reveal any information that would put anyone in harm’s way, especially not their child. La’Reina gave birth in January 2018 to a healthy, beautiful little girl.

14 Facebook Frenzy

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Don’t even think of requesting regular, everyday mom La’Reina Haynes to be our friend on Facebook, we need to be aware that she actually does not accept friends on Facebook. Her privacy settings on this popular social media site have been set so that she can receive messages but not friend requests.

Even though she is not a celebrity technically, she sort of is. That’s why we found it interesting that we were able to not only find her relatively easily on this platform, but also access her very public and vocal five-star rating and review of the surrogate agency that brought the Kardashian/West clan and Haynes together. Haynes praises the staff for helping her and guiding her through the process of becoming a surrogate mother.

13 What Baby Shower Invite?

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We bet you didn't know that La’Reina Haynes, the Kardashian surrogate, was not invited to the baby shower that was thrown at Kim and Kanye’s residence. One would think that she would possibly have been the guest of honor since normally a baby shower’s most important guest would be the person carrying her. This was a tough decision for Kim as she discusses this very thing.

She did not invite Hayes and stated that for one she was not really sure what to do in this situation as it’s not a typical one.

The other reason was that she and West were not ready to explain the whole surrogate deal to their older four-year-old daughter, North. They decided to wait to introduce Hayes (although she did meet some of her family earlier that day) and celebrate the fact that a new baby was coming.

12 Surrogate Mom Is A Mom

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La’Reina Haynes is a mother. She has actually been a surrogate one time before and has also given birth to two little boys herself. She is a stay-at-home mom and has been heard saying she loves being one! She also said she enjoys being a surrogate as well. This can be seen in the fact that carrying Chicago West was not her first time being a surrogate mother.

She enjoyed the experience so much that she wanted to do it again. Maternal Haynes definitely was touched by the maternal wand. Not all women can state this, however, Haynes explained that she loves being pregnant. She loves the natural way that it makes her feel and the way her body feels and looks as a pregnant woman.

11 She’s African American

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La’Reina Haynes is of African-American descent. This can be seen in the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she makes a guest appearance, even with her face blurred out. There does not seem to be a particular reason why Hayes was chosen as the one or any indication that she was chosen because Kim and Kanye had requested that she be African-American.

Regardless, she was a healthy, fit and screened by the agency that she worked with.

Since the role of a surrogate is only to be a healthy body to carry a baby, it did not seem to matter if she was black or white or really of any particular ethnicity or race.

10 Five Stars To Family Creations, LLC.

The name of the local agency that paired up the Kardashian/West Family with wonderful, highly qualified surrogate mother and client La’Reina Haynes is called Family Creations LLC. In fact, La’Reina Haynes gave this now-famous company a quality five-star review on their Facebook page in April of 2015. Family Creations, LLC. is located in Woodland Hills, CA a few hours from where Haynes lives with her family.

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It has been said that both of Haynes’s surrogate families were a match through Family Creations, LLC. She also has allegedly been selected to be one of the spokeswomen for its media pages. Coincidence? We think not. Haynes appears to have plenty of time for both roles being a stay-at-home mom of two little school-aged boys.

9 College-Educated Carrier

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La’Reina Haynes is a college-educated woman. Haynes received her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Phoenix. Although we may not know what she had planned on doing with her four-year criminal justice degree, we do know that she will likely not have to worry about paying off student loans with a working husband in the military and a hefty paycheck from Kim and Kanye.

Once the hype dies down and Haynes’s egg supply is long gone, at least she will have something to fall back on.

A positive for Kim and Kanye is that the person carrying their third miracle is at least dedicated to finishing something she started and well-educated. Even though Haynes’s genes are not involved, it’s always a plus to have someone smart carrying your baby!

8 She’s In Her 20s

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The Kardashian/West surrogate mother is a young chick. La’Reina Haynes is reportedly only in her 20s. Wow! We are slightly surprised at how young she is as she appears older in some of the photographs. We don’t mean that she looks old, but she doesn’t look to be the typical 20-year-old, selfie-obsessed woman that we maybe would have thought she was.

In addition, when Haynes carried Chicago West, this tallied number four on her pregnancy and birth list. That’s a lot of birthing for someone so young, but then again this is 2018 and although not as common, younger women still have babies. Not all women wait until they are in their 30s and 40s to start a family.

7 Everyone Was Anonymous At First

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Surrogate mother and client of Family Creations, LLC. did not know she was carrying Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s DNA at first. Kim and Kanye also did not know who their surrogate mom was in the beginning. Even though there were certain protocols and stipulations for maintaining health and wellness, everything was very confidential.

Kim explained that she did end up wanting to know who the person was as she was curious whether the surrogate mother to her third miraculous baby was actually a fan.

It appears she may have found comfort in knowing that she was a fan and that she was taking good care of her and Kanye’s little fetus. Kim and Kanye were even happier when they met her and found out she was down-to-earth and really liked her.

6 There Were Rules

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Like most surrogate mothers, La’Reina Haynes had some strict protocols and rules that she has to adhere to. Carrying someone else’s baby is a huge responsibility and maintaining the most optimal health is key and part of the job, for lack of a better word, essentially. Haynes was asked to refrain from intimate activities with her husband in the weeks leading up to the embryo implantation.

She was also requested not to participate in any activities that could hurt the unborn Chicago West’s health.

She was not allowed to smoke, drink or participate in taking unapproved medications or illegal substances, obviously. She was also not allowed to drink more than one caffeinated beverage a day, something that some pregnant women do not adhere to. She was also forbidden to dye her hair, hang out in saunas or scoop dirty cat litter.

5 She Lives In San Diego

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The semi-celebrity surrogate mother, La’Reina Haynes, currently resides in San Diego, California. According to her Facebook page, she is originally from the east coast and grew up in Georgia. We do know that she moved to California after leaving Hawaii in 2013. It is unclear if her military husband had something to do with her moving all around, but she has, at least for now, settled in sunny California.

Although she has her degree and could likely work at a large number of places in Southern California, Haynes has chosen to be a stay-at-home mom to her two boys who are also plastered all over her Facebook page. There is no plan for now to move and if she were to stay with her “job” as a surrogate mother, the agency she works with is close enough for her to partake in future jobs there.

4 She Was Paid Well

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La’Reina Haynes was reportedly paid a hefty paycheck of over $45,000 to carry Kim Kardashian’s baby. Since Kim K and husband Kanye West are pretty much one of the most famous, and likely one of the wealthiest, couples out there, this was likely pocket change for them. For an ordinary citizen and stay-at-home mom of two who has been a surrogate before, $45,000 is quite a sum.

We believe that her children are well-taken care of and that she probably doesn’t have much debt with a job like hers. Of course, she should be paid well. It cannot be easy work carrying someone else’s baby and then going through the pain and agony of labor after connecting to this other person’s baby. Well paid and well played, La’Reina.

3 La’Reina And Kim Still Keep In Touch

We can’t imagine that these two women wouldn’t want to keep in touch after sharing such a personal situation. Then again, the point of some surrogate mother’s role is to simply carry and not be involved in the child’s life.

Although there is no talk about any type of BFF connection going on, Kim and Kanye have voiced their gratitude and happiness over what La’Reina has provided for them.

They are pleased with her pregnancy and everything she has done to take care of herself for their greater good and future growing family. Kim has even expressed her positive feelings for La’Reina to her fans openly on social media. There has to be a special forever bond between a biological mom and her surrogate.

2 She Has Been A Fan

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It is hard not to “keep up” with famous Kardashians! The world knows this. Even when we do not want to become completely obsessed following their every move, it is difficult not to find ourselves chatting about the Kardashians at the gym or curiously grabbing a magazine with one of them on the cover. We find them on the news, in social media, and on their own reality show.

It has been heard that even before she knew whose baby she was going to carry, La’Reina was indeed a Kardashian fan. What an amazing honor of being able to carry the baby of two huge celebrities. Regardless of whether or not she was a fan or actively watched every week or listened to West’s music, she reportedly has seen a human and kind side from these stars.

1 La’Reina Is The Girl Next Door

This, recently-made-famous, Southern girl next door likely did not see what was about to open up with this announcement. Even while she was pregnant a few months ago, La’Reina appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and was remembered by the show’s make-up artist as being kind-hearted and down-to-earth. It just so happened that fate brought these two families together.

La’Reina did not plan to become famous, guest appearing on the Kardashians. She is a girl next door, mom of two children and wife of a military dad. She has chosen to stay at home with her children because, like other moms, she can. Even despite all of this publicity, it appears she’s just living her life as normally as she possibly can, even while the paparazzi work to snap photos of her!

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