Child Abductors: 15 Traits That Make The Baby A Target

Alright, parents, there are things we all need to know regarding what could get our children kidnapped. Sometimes it is the littlest thing about the child that the kidnapper likes such as, how the child looks, body type, and much, much more. We all need to be on the lookout for a person, and yes, it could be someone we all know, that is always saying how beautiful the child is or how they remind them of someone they know.

Every day, we see or read that a child was kidnapped or an attempted kidnapping. Sometimes the child is found alive and safe, and sometimes they are never found, or even worse that they have passed away. The stories are very frightening, and they become even more terrible when we realize that it can happen to anyone, at any location, and at any time, or even just right next door. It is the scariest thing in the world to have happen to our children, and as parents, we should talk to the child about what to do if a stranger comes up to them. Also, tell the child that if they don’t feel right around someone to tell their parents right away, to always listen to that gut feeling. Most importantly that mom and dad will never be mad at them for telling them how they feel about someone.

In this day and age, it is important to know that while there is usually nothing a parent can do to prevent this crime from happening to them, that there is no guarantee that this will ever happen to their child. But there are some things to make sure that we are keeping children safe and out of harm's way the best that we can.

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12 Boy Or Girl?

What gender of children do the parents think get taken the most? There is about a seventy-four percent chance that kidnappers take girls. The other twenty-six percent are boys. Most of the children are grabbed on the street or try to lure them into their vehicles. The sad part about this all is that most of them are kidnapped within a quarter mile of the home. The places that they are taken from is primarily at outdoor locations, and some are associated with sexual assaults, more in the girls than the boys, but it does happen with both genders. Some of them are most likely to involve the use of a firearm. There are a few that don't use a firearm; some use candy or puppy dogs to get the children to go with them.

11 Age Isn't Just A Number

About two-thirds of the kidnapping is happening to female children with an average age of 11. Also, for the younger children, make sure that the parents are choosing the caregiver carefully, a lot of the younger children are being taken from the nannies, and other caregivers to be raised by themselves, or the kidnappers are in a criminal’s ring to take babies and sell them to strangers for money. There are even newborns being taken while they are in the strollers, while their parents are on their phones. Also, make sure parents are teaching their children the importance of what to do, and their phone numbers and address. They should even learn to call 9-1-1. Also make sure not to dress the kids with the name on their clothing, then tend to trust adults who know their names.

10 Reminds The Kidnapper Of Someone They Knew

We hear a lot about this on the news, about someone taking a child that they think looks like someone they know. It could even look like their child that passed away, and in their mind, it is their child. They can even think that it's the child they lost a while ago, maybe their child was kidnapped. The kidnapper is not in the right frame of mind to start with and add a lost child of theirs to the mix and a lot can happen. It can even be a parent that isn’t allowed to see that child, and they take them. We, as parents, really have to learn to look at the surroundings when we go out with the children. The kidnappers are always watching for a good time to get the child; it could even be while the parents are on their phones.

9 The Locks

The child's hair color and texture are different for many kids. Some children have blonde, brown, black, or red hair. Some of the hair is thick and curly; some a thin and straight, there are even some who have wavy hair. What type of hair the child has comes from the parents, it can be a mix of both parents or hair just like mommies. If someone is paying too much attention to the child’s hair, the alarm may soon be sounding in the parent’s heads. Why is this person paying so much attention to my child’s hair? And if that person starts playing with or touching the child’s hair, please take this child far away from them! And report them to the police or any security around. The parent should be making a mental note in their head of what this person looks like.

8 The V Card

This is hard (and shocking) to hear for any parent, but some of the kidnappers take the child because they are innocent. They have never been touched in the private areas and, believe it or not, a woman's body can be sold for a lot of money on the black market, to some very sick people, in countries around the globe. Hopefully, the child will be found before any of this can happen. Parents, please keep teaching to the children about what to do about stranger danger, run, scream at the top of their lungs, bite, kick, hit in the private area of anyone try to take them. If they do get caught tell them to try to get free and call 911, tell them not to stop fighting.

7 In Some Countries, Body Parts Are Valuable

In East Africa, the albinism is prevalent, they are very superstitious, and there are myths that albinos are ghosts, and are hunted and killed for body parts, it is said to bring good luck to others. The children with albinism have stopped attending school. Even though the government has cracked down, and banning the witch doctors and making their crime punishable by death. In the states, some children are also kidnapped and sold for their body parts that people buy on the black market. Why would anyone what to do this? Some people even still do the albino body parts here too. The children need to be careful when they are in the places that still do the body parts thing, a parent really needs to keep an eye out also.

6 The Eyes

EDITORIAL USE ONLY NO SALES NO ARCHIVE This is an undated image provided by The English Premier League soccer team Everton, of Madeleine McCann in an Everton soccer team shirt. Kate McCann the mother of the missing British girl whose disappearance sparked a global search was formally named as a suspect by Portuguese police Friday, Sept. 7, 2007, Britain's Press Association news agency reported. The news agency quoted an unnamed family friend as saying Kate McCann had been declared a suspect under Portuguese law. Earlier, family friend and former spokesman Clarence Mitchell told The Associated Press that police had told Kate McCann and her husband Gerry that they would both be named as suspects. Kate McCann was being questioned for a second day at a police station in Portimao, a town in Portugal's Algarve region, over the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine. Gerry McCann was due to be questioned later. (AP Photo/Everton FC,HO) @*@* EDITORIAL USE ONLY NO SALES NO ARCHIVE @*@*

Okay, parents, has anyone ever told mom that the child has beautiful eyes? This can be one of the many things that a kidnapper will look at when they take a child. It really doesn’t matter if the eye color is blue, green, brown, or hazel. It could just be that the child's eyes remind them of someone they used to know or someone that has passed on. Sometimes it can be the shape of those eyes as well. They can be big and beautiful, or maybe even the twinkle in the eyes when the child smiles. It could even be that the child has the same eye color and shape as a child they had that passed away suddenly. Parents just need to keep an eye on their children if someone is really paying interest in them.

5 Resembles A Famous Figure

There is a lot of children out there who look like someone famous, and that can be a big problem if the parent's child looks like that. Kidnappers can think that it is a child of someone famous and takes them for money, or worse. So, if the child looks like a star, please keep a watchful eye on them. We never really know what goes through the mind of someone who takes these kids against their will. It could be a way for them to get rich quick, or thinking even worst things about the child. They can be watching for weeks, to see where and what and even who comes and goes. So they can pick a right time to take them.

4 Dressed Up For The World To See?

There are a lot of parents out there who let their children dress inappropriately. The definition of this word is, in a manner that is not suitable or proper in the circumstances. Children from the ages of eight to twelve shouldn’t be dressing like they can pass as a teenager. There are even some mothers who dress their child as they dress. This is a kidnapper’s dream. There are also some children that are dressed to the T, in very expensive clothing. These kids could be the children that get taken for money, because of how they are dressed. The kidnapper can get rich quick. So, parents, please make sure that the kids are dressing for their age. It could make all the difference in saving a child’s life.

3 Body Type And Weight

They say that the average body type is children between the ages of eleven years old that the kidnappers are looking for, so a pre-teen body is what they are after. The weight goes by what size the kidnappers prefer. Also, a lot of the kidnappers sometimes sell the child online to different people, and sadly most of the children are never seen again or turn up deceased. So, parents of the preteens, please pay attention to what the child is doing on and offline. Most of the time this is where they meet these children. Sometimes they even meet them in the street or at the parks. The kidnappers also know that this is the time they are fighting with their parents for more freedom in their lives.

2 Each Race Can Be Targeted - But For Different Reasons

Wang Bangyin breaks down as he hugs his rescued son at Guiyang Welfare Center for Children in Guiyang, southwest China's Guizhou province on October 29, 2009, as Wang's son was among the 60 children police rescued from human traffickers. Police in China have set up a website aimed at locating the families of up to 60 children recovered during a six-month crackdown on human trafficking, state press reported. CHINA OUT AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Okay, parents, it really doesn’t matter what skin color the child is, it can be white, brown, or black. This goes by the kidnappers, what kind of child that they are looking for. There are a lot of sick people out there. Some of them like different mixes of a child, for the different things that they are looking for in the child they want to take. Again, just make sure that the parents talk to their kids about stranger danger, and to not use their inside voices. Also, it helps if the child knows their address and phone number and parent’s full names, not just mommy and daddy. Make sure they also know it’s okay to fight with the person who is trying to take them, they can even bite if necessary.

1 The Same Goes For Religion

With this one the kidnappers will try to attack the parent’s faith, to hurt them with their child. Kidnappers could also only like children who are their religion. Some kidnappers may even only want the child if the child as to do with their religion so that the child knows what to do if they take the child to their church if they plan on keeping them long-term. Some even fake marry the child they take so that they are doing no harm to their wife, not a child in their mind. Some even know that the religion will not take the child back when they find out what has happened to the child while they were kidnapped. Like I said before, some of these kidnappers are not in the right frame of mind.

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