Should Child-Free Adults Be Banned From Disney World?

While there’s no doubt that the lines at Walt Disney World have become unbearably long, should childless adults be banned from the parks?

That’s what one woman thinks, but not because she wants to make it a little less crowded at the Magic Kingdom. Instead, it’s because she thinks that the Disney parks are better meant for families and kids.

According to People Magazine, one mom’s rant has gone viral after she lashed out at childless adults for visiting Disney World. Her post has not only gotten a lot of attention but also sparked a new online debate on whether or not “childless adults” should be visiting the parks as often as they do.

“DW is a FAMILY amusement park!!” she wrote, later adding, “DW is for CHILDREN!!!! People without CHILDREN need to BANNED!!”

The angry mom pointed out that visitors without children cause longer lines and make the experience more difficult for parents. She ended her rant by explaining that her own 3-year-old child had a meltdown at Disney after she tried to explain to him that they couldn’t get a pretzel because of the long line at the concession stand.

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And while there are a lot of people defending other adults and their given right to visit the parks as they please, one writer for The New York Post said that going to Disney theme parks without children is considered “weird.”

The op-ed written by Johnny Oleksinski, stated, “Millennials are indeed in an unhealthy relationship with Disney, having granted control of so much of their leisure time and personality to a single, enormous corporate entity meant for children.”

Others pointed out that childless adults aren’t the problem, but rather the way Disney operates their parks. Not only has tickets gotten more expensive each year, but many visitors find their entire theme park experience to be rather frustrating. Despite a push to add more attractions, many visitors find themselves waiting in lines for up to three hours for a single ride. The parks have gotten more crowded and less enjoyable for both adults and children as a result.

Despite the issues, many have pointed out that Walt Disney himself introduced the parks as a place where everyone can enjoy themselves. So far Walt Disney World has not responded to the controversial rant or made any comments about their ongoing problem with long lines at their parks.

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