WATCH: Demonic Child Screams And Runs Through Airplane During 8-Hour Flight

On an eight hour flight from Germany to Newark, New Jersey, passengers had to endure the demonic screams of a child as he ran through the airplane for the entire flight. One of those unlucky passengers filmed the child and boy it is something to watch.

There is nothing worse than a child throwing a tantrum or screaming for an entire flight. Although it is annoying to everyone on the plane, it is even worse for the parents that are trying to calm the kid down. It is just never a good situation for anyone.

However, for passenger Shane Townley, a New York City artist, the screaming 3-year-old proved to be too much for him to handle. While he remained calm, Townley filmed the child’s antics. The video is only a few minutes long, but according to the artist and other passengers, his tantrum was hours long.

The unnamed mother can be seen trying to calm her kid down. She asked the flight attendants if they would turn on the Wi-Fi. Apparently the internet was off, and the mom thought the kid would chill out if he could watch his iPad. At one point the child can be seen sitting on top of a seat (which is so not safe!), as his mother begs him to calm down. There was no reprieve for the passengers, as the demonic child terrorized them by running down the aisle screaming his head off.

Being on a plane for eight hours is no fun for anyone. It is a long, boring, and can make anyone feel a little cagey. For young kids it can feel worse, especially when they are confined to a small seat for hours. It makes sense there may be a fit thrown and tantrums will happen, but for an entire flight seems insane. Wouldn’t the child wear himself out at some point? After a certain amount of time working themselves into a tizzy, kids tend to crash.

The story of a demonic child terrorizing passengers on a flight from Germany to Newark has the internet feeling bad for everyone involved. Many people are sympathizing with the passengers on board the plane who had to deal with the child. However, the mother deserves sympathy, too. Imagine being in her shoes! We're sure she was mortified.

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