If Your Little One Has Adopted The Accent Of Peppa Pig Don't Worry, You're Not Alone

Children around the world are talking like the well-spoken animated pig Peppa, whether they are from the UK or not.

It is pretty amazing what children can pick up from things they see and hear, even from an extremely early age. That's why if there are little ones around, you need to be very careful regarding what you say while they are within earshot. They are growing and learning all the time and during a moment when it seems as if they aren't even paying attention, that's when they'll pick up something you'd really prefer them not to.

If you're lucky, your own children and the ones you spend a lot of time around won't catch you saying a word they really shouldn't be using. However, if they are exposed to something enough, they're going to incorporate it into their mannerisms, speech, and maybe even their accent. That's why parents around the world have been noticing something we're going to call the Peppa Pig effect.


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Romper recently discovered that more and more parents have been reporting instances of their children speaking with a British accent. Not because they live in the UK or have British relatives, but due to how obsessed they are with Peppa Pig. The examples range from saying words like zebra and tomato as a Brit would say them, to having a full-blown UK accent and referring to their parents as Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.

One mom had limited her daughter's screen time to a bare minimum during the first 20 months of her life. Then, after letting her watch Peppa Pig for 21 straight hours on a flight to Australia, she sounded like she hailed from jolly old England. This backs up research conducted by the University Of Plymouth that discovered a person's accent starts to develop at around 20 months old. In this case, it only took 21 hours for it to form entirely.

What that same research also unearthed is that small children aren't able to distinguish between different accents. While they can tell when someone is speaking to differently to how they do, they obviously don't link that to the person being from somewhere else. The same thing goes for languages. When that young, children don't view languages as being different things, which is why if you want to be multi-lingual, it's best to learn from a very young age.


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