I Tried To Raise My Children The Exact Same & Yet They Are All So Different

I have four children and all of them are so different from each other. Well, I guess we don't really know about newborn's personality yet. Our three oldest could not be more different from one another. The interesting part is that my husband and I have been trying to raise them the same. They all have had the same opportunities and the same experiences. However, since they are so different we have actually had to start doing things different with each one. It is so interesting how kids just come programmed certain ways and you just have to do the best with each one.

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My oldest child is incredibly brilliant (like off the charts intelligent) but mischievous. He will wait until you leave the room or turn your back to do something naughty. He deliberately disobeys no matter how much you explain the rules. He is the most stubborn child you will ever meet and if he gets in a stubborn mood there is no shaking him. He is a perfectionist and will rip up his paper, scribble on his work, or shut down if he makes a mistake. If he can't do something the best then he doesn't want to do it! He has a quick temper and uses his fingernails as a way to prove a point with his younger brother. He is 5-years-old and only in kindergarten but I already know he is going to be the kid that needs to be challenged in school. He gets bored easily and when he gets bored he gets into trouble or distracts other kids. He is a good kid though. He understands things very easily and other kids are drawn to him. He has an amazing sense of humor. Even though he can have a little temper, he has no competitive spirit in his body when it comes to sports. We signed him up for soccer and he was wondering why the kids weren't taking turns. He also would transform into a robot in the middle of the game and walk around with robot arms. This kid likes to do homework, enjoys learning and would rather read a book than play a sport. The best way to bond with him is through crafts, homework or reading.

My second child is almost the complete opposite. He bonds with people only if they are willing to beat him up. He loves rough housing and he loves being pushed around. Even as a baby he thought it was so funny if you would push him over on the couch or on his bed. He runs around the house pretending to be a ninja, power ranger, or some sort of action hero. He loves all things Avengers and pretends to be Hawkeye about 95% of the day. Everywhere we walk he is in his own head saving the world. Although he doesn't have the temper like his oldest brother, he is actually my most difficult child. He doesn't process things like most people. Not that he isn't intelligent, he is often just in his own "La La Land." He questions everything but doesn't listen to the answer. He wants to be heard and listened to but often doesn't make any sense. When you then get confused by what he is saying he gets very frustrated. He gets annoyed when people don't listen to him. This kid is the one who is so "spacey" that he has been really difficult to potty train. He is 4-years-old but he sometimes pees in his pants and he says, "I forgot." I truly believe he really does "forget." This kid has very big emotions and will definitely move mountains. He rarely thinks before he does things. He isn't really into analyzing the situation like his older brother. My second genuinely cares about other people and really has the kindest heart. My boy is an athlete and will excel in sports due to his competitive nature.

My third child is "cool." He just has a cool swag to him that just comes naturally. He is 2-years-old and I have never met a toddler who is as awesome as him. People are honestly drawn to him and I get told every day "I hope I have a kid like him." This boy really is uncommon. My third born is the chillest kid and is my easiest boy by far. He is really happy and loves to learn new things. He loves to play basketball and loves to play with his Grandpa. He gets along with everybody and has no mean bone in his body. He once hit his dad out of anger and we both started laughing hysterically and were shocked because it was so out of character. Every time my brother comes over he asks if he can adopt this boy because he is just that cool. Everything he does is cute, adorable, sweet and fun. I don't think I have ever really got made at him. Just the other day we took my daughter in for an appointment. The doctor looked at my son and said, "he has a little runny nose." I said, "yeah he has had it for a couple of days." The doctor said, "do you mind if I check his ears?" I said "go ahead!" The doctor said he had an ear infection! We had no idea! He is just that easy. I think he will be that kid in high school who everybody wants to be friends with. If you want to bond with this kid then tell him to go get a book or a ball.

Before I had kids, I had no idea that they could be polar opposites even though they have the same genes and have been raised the same way. Although it is fun to have different personalities in the home it makes things very difficult because we have to treat each child different due to their different characters. It poses new challenges and every kid does not handle situation, or experiences the same. Each of their unique personalities certainly keeps us on our toes!

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