Children Are Drawing Women Scientists

School aged children are now drawing women as scientists.

According to ScienceMag.com, in a recent study done throughout the United States,  children are now increasingly drawing women and not just men when asked to sketch a scientist. The compiled information, from about 20,860 different pictures drawn by kids ages 5 to 18 over the past few decades, shows children's views of women as scientists has changed.

The study spans over five decades, beginning in the 1970s. It shows a clear progression of how children have viewed women in the field of science. When the study first began, only about 1% of kids drew scientists as women. However, over the past couple of decades, the trend has changed. By 2016, over 34% of children were drawing female scientists.

This trend goes along with the growing number of women who are becoming scientists. Back in the 1970s, less than 24% of scientists were female. By 2013 the amount had skyrocketed to 48%, meaning almost half of all scientists are now women. When broken down into specific areas of science, the percentages still saw increases in females doing such jobs. For example, chemistry went from 8% to 35%, as well as physics and astronomy seeing a rise from 3% to 11%.

It is not all that surprising that kids views in terms of science and being a scientist have changed. Not only have science jobs witnessed an increase of women going into these fields, but schools are embracing girls as they pursue such classes.

Schools are also encouraging younger girls to be more involved in math and science programs. STEM or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in schools are now seeing more girls join, which will open more job fields for them. In the past decade, young women are not only showing more interest in these areas, but are also discovering they are really good at science.

The tide is changing when it comes to science and sketches done by school-aged children, proving science is no longer a man’s field. Kids are viewing it as a job both men and women do very well. It is pretty amazing.

What do you think about the new study showing kids are drawing women as scientists?

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