Children Of The White House: 15 Dirty Secrets They Never Wanted Us To Find

Assuming the title of President of the United States is surely no easy task. The role comes with endless amounts of responsibility, with an entire country looking to the man in charge for guidance and leadership. Naturally, the president is expected to live up to extremely high standards while making major decisions for a nation full of people. Of course, since their fathers have held such a high position in the political office, presidential offspring has been known to get tons of attention even if it’s not entirely welcomed with open arms. No matter how old they are or how many people are judging their every move, it’s only natural for kids to want to experience everything that life has to offer. After all, just because their dad was once the POTUS doesn’t mean that these kids signed up to live full of restrictions and limitations.

Regardless of whether their parents were the country’s primary public figures, some kids still want to break the rules, play pranks, and (when they’re a little older) party like it’s their rite of passage. There have been many presidents in office over the years, and even more first-children who have had the unique experience of growing up (and acting out) inside the White House. Being raised in front of the limelight can be tough, but the added pressure of being the child of the president has to be even harder. Kids who once inhabited the White House definitely got into their fair share of mischief but if it were up to their presidential paternal figures the general public would never be privy to what really went down behind the scenes for the former residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Here are 15 secrets about the children of the White House that we were never meant to find out about.

15 Jenna Bush Had Some White House “Hanky-Panky”


We all know that if walls could talk, the White House would certainly have a whole lot to say about the shenanigans that have taken place behind closed doors over the years. While former president Bill Clinton undoubtedly comes to mind when thinking about mischievous White House behavior, don’t be so quick to rule out the possibility of others having their fair share of funny business when nobody was around. In fact, in 2014 Jenna Bush Hager candidly admitted to indulging in “a little hanky-panky” while her father was in office during an episode of Watch What Happens Live.

During the live taping, a caller phoned in and asked Jenna if she had ever “fooled around” inside America’s most famous residence. At first, the daughter of George W. Bush coyly replied, “A lady never talks” but when pressed further by host Andy Cohen she eventually admitted to some level of canoodling with her now-husband Henry Hager. After realizing the gravity of her admission, Jenna tried to backtrack on her statement by insisting that the “hanky-panky” in question was nothing more than an innocent kiss on the roof of the presidential estate…but we all know the truth: what happens in the White House, stays in the White House.

14 Malia Obama Likes To Let Loose At Lollapalooza

Throughout his eight year tenure as President of the United States, Barack Obama did a pretty good job of maintaining his squeaky-clean image. Subsequently, his wife Michelle and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha followed suit by appearing wholesome and well put together the majority of the time, but once Malia turned eighteen it seemed like all bets were finally off. Like any other teenager, Malia is expected to go through a bit of a “wild” phase, but when she finally began acting like a regular teenage girl the rest of the country seemingly flipped their lids at the thought of her inevitable rebellion. The usually straight-laced star was spotted at last year’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago looking like she was really enjoying herself. Obama was photographed wearing a scantily-clad ensemble complete with a tiny sports bra and super short shorts while she stuck out her tongue and twerked to the beat of the music. While this sort of thing may be the norm for any other eighteen year old, we’re fairly certain that Barack and his team would have preferred to keep these pictures tightly under wraps. Scandalous!

13 Sasha Obama Is Following Her Sister’s Lead


Let’s be clear: Malia wasn’t the only one of Barack Obama’s daughters wreaking havoc at Lollapalooza, because this year it was Sasha whose secret excursion was captured on camera for the whole world to see. While it may have been Malia who was gaining traction in the press for her hard-partying ways, it seems like little sister Sasha isn’t too far behind her. The sixteen year old star was allegedly spotted locking lips with a mystery man named Matt while waiting in the crowd at the big event. According to reports, Sasha and her love interest had just met moments before the infamous photo was taken of their public display of affection. An onlooker used their trusty camera phone to capture the moment forever and solidify its scandal-worthy status by posting it to Snapchat. While the Obama girls kept their composure during their father’s time in the oval office, they certainly weren’t afraid to let their freak flags fly once his eight year term came to a close.

12 Chelsea Clinton May Not Be Bill’s Biological Daughter


While Chelsea Clinton managed to be one of the few first-children to come out of her father’s presidential term without any major scandals regarding her own behavior, the tabloids ran with a salacious story that questioned whether or not Bill Clinton really was her biological dad. During Bill’s time as President, the Clinton family faced no shortage of public scandals but perhaps one of the most far-fetched was regarding the paternity of Chelsea. According to reputable National Enquirer, Hillary's former law partner and associate attorney general of the United States during the Clinton administration may be Chelsea’s true paternal father. While these allegations initially seemed outlandish, it wouldn’t be the first time that the Clintons have tried to sweep a major secret under the rug. Everyone knows that Bill was guilty of having extramarital affairs, but was Hillary also stepping outside of her marriage during the time her daughter was conceived? To make matters even more confusing, the man in question, Webb Hubbell, simply said “no comment” in regards to the tabloid’s shocking claims instead of immediately refuting them. The magazine also argued that a DNA test was performed and the results came back as inconclusive, asserting that the findings “do not discount the possibility” of Hubbell being the father. Whether it’s true or not remains unknown, but this is definitely one White House secret that was never meant to see the light of day!

11 The Bush Twins Got Busted For Underage Drinking


From a political standpoint perception is everything, and making sure that everyone in the first family upholds their image is of paramount importance. After all, when your father is first in command, being a role model to America’s youths is just part of the job…even if you didn’t sign up for the position in the first place. In 2001, President George W. Bush’s twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna, were caught using fake IDs to get into bars and drink underage. The girls, who were only nineteen at the time, thought it would be a good idea to use faulty forms of identification to bypass the country’s laws regarding legal drinking age (which happens to be twenty-one if anyone’s wondering). This marked Jenna’s second offense in a five month span, and she and her sister were ordered to complete six hours of alcohol awareness classes in addition to eight hours of community service. Reflecting back on her one-wild ways, Jenna stated, “When you’re a college student, you are more preoccupied with who’s having a party or who’s playing beer pong than if your fake ID will land you in the tabloids. I never stopped to consider, ‘Oh, wait a minute, now that my dad is president, people are going to recognize me.’” The controversial story made headlines for quite some time, and it’s obvious that the POTUS wanted no part of all that negative press.

10 Patti Davis Often Rebelled Against The Regans


If we’re talking about some of the wildest kids that Washington, D.C. has ever seen, Patti Davis surely ranks high up on the list. Davis was the oldest daughter of former President Ronald Regan and his wife Nancy. While the Regans earned themselves a reputation for never being afraid to speak their minds, Patti followed suit by never having a shortage of opinions…even if they were the complete opposite of her presidential parent’s thoughts. Over the years, Davis became a very outspoken opponent of her father’s and had developed a notorious rebellious streak. At one point, the tension between Patti and her parents ran so high that they didn’t speak for two decades. To make matters worse, Davis defied Regan’s wishes by writing an explosive tell-all called The Way I See It that divulged intimate and deeply personal secrets about her family. In the book, Patti recalled her attempts at ditching the secret service, her struggles with drug addiction and baring it all for Playboy magazine. Although the former first-daughter managed to reconcile her mother and father prior to their deaths, she admitted to finding an unsent letter addressed to her from President Regan that begged her not to publish her book and tarnish the family’s legacy.

9 Amy Carter Was Arrested Four Times


Here’s a thought: if your father is the President of the United States, it’s probably not the best idea to push your luck when it comes to the law…especially when bad behavior can land you behind bars on multiple occasions. Amy Carter, the daughter of one-term president Jimmy Carter, was very politically active, often to a fault. Amy was an avid protester and it was her passionate public displays of disapproval that often got her in the most trouble. Amy’s first arrest was in 1985 at the young age of seventeen when she participated in a protest against South African apartheid. According to reports, a handcuffed Carter’s only statement to reporters at the time of her arrest was, 'I'm proud to be my father's daughter”. Similarly, Carter would eventually be taken into police custody two more times for the same offense. Her fourth run-in with the law was during a protest against CIA campus recruiting while in Massachusetts. While fighting for her beliefs may be something that the former president could have been proud of his daughter for, we’re pretty sure he wasn’t too fond of her extensive rap sheet…and the fact that she was eventually kicked out of Brown University for failing to make commitments to her classes.

8 The Secret Service Despised Jenna & Barbara Bush


While their father was in office it seemed like Jenna and Barbara Bush made it their personal mission to prove that twins in a position of power is undoubtedly a recipe for double trouble. Of course, being under strict supervision at all times can be incredibly daunting for anyone – especially when you’re experiencing your teenage and early adult years while the whole world is watching. The Bush girls were unafraid to take risks and live on the edge during their father’s presidency, and there have been various claims to support the notion that the Secret Service team was not too pleased with their outlandish antics. In the 2010 tell-all In the President's Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect, a former Secret Service agent during the Bush administration dished all of the juicy details surrounding Jenna and Barbara’s bad behavior. According to the author, “Jenna would purposely try to lose her protection by going through red lights or by jumping in her car without telling agents where she was going”. The former agent also alleges that the twins were notorious for always getting into mischief, and that they often had to break up bar fights and escort their intoxicated companions to the hospital. While the girls brushed off the claims as complete “nonsense,” we wouldn’t be surprised if the girls really were a Secret Service nightmare after all.

7 Malia Has Developed A Few More Bad Habits


While Malia Obama is busy raking up college credits at prestigious Harvard University, she certainly appears to enjoy her down-time as well. The oldest daughter of Barack Obama has been caught on multiple occasions engaging in some pretty bad habits including underage drinking and smoking. As the offspring of a former president, Malia should know that she will always be under a microscope when it comes to the choices she makes. Even though her father is out of office, she is still seen as somewhat of a public figure and gets scrutinized as such. During a recent college party, someone Snapchatted a screenshot of Malia surrounded by open beer cans while playing a popular drinking game in a crowded room full of people. While of course, this may not be the best look for America’s former first-daughter, it’s not that unusual for a teenager to explore all kinds of avenues during their time away at college. Let’s just hope she grows out of her newfound vices as time goes on.

6 Tiffany Trump Doesn't Impress Her Father


Say what you want about Donald Trump as a president, a public figure, or even as person, but there are few arguments that can be made to dispute the fact that he’s done a pretty good when it comes to raising his children. All of his offspring have grown to be successful business-minded adults in their own right. While Trump may be dealing backlash on a constant basis, he has a lot to be proud of when it comes to his kids. The father of five’s two oldest sons have followed in Donald’s footsteps by taking over the POTUS’s businesses, while his oldest daughter Ivanka has been hard at work with various business endeavors of her own.

Although Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, is only twenty-four, even she is well on her way to personal success as she forges her way through law school. While Trump is rightfully proud of his children’s accomplishments, he may have put his foot in mouth when he admitted that he’s proud of Tiffany “ to a lesser extent” than her siblings. The President told reporters, "I’m very proud of my children…I’m very proud, because Don and Eric and Ivanka and – you know, to a lesser extent because she just got out of school, out of college – but, uh, Tiffany, who has also been so terrific. They work so hard.” It almost sounds like The Donald is disappointed in Tiffany thus far, but we don’t think he quite intended on making such a bold statement in the public eye.

5 Ashley Biden Was A Wreckless Party Animal


Although he wasn’t quite the President of the United States, Joe Biden served eight years as Barack Obama’s valued Vice President. While most of the attention was primarily reserved for the first family, Biden’s four children surely did some damage during their father’s time working at the White House. Although Joe’s daughter, Ashley Biden, managed to keep a relatively low profile with the media she was secretly a well-known partier when she was studying at Tulane University. While most college students develop an affinity for partying, Ashley allegedly went above and beyond when it came to running wild. According to reports, there was a tape floating around of Biden consuming narcotics and on top of that, she was once arrested for possession of an illegal substance. Of course, VP Joe Biden was very much anti-drugs all together, so we’re pretty sure that he wanted to keep his daughter’s extra-curricular habits a secret.

4 Hunter Biden Is Dating His Late Brother’e Wife


In perhaps one of the most messed up political scandals we’ve seen come straight out the White House, Vice President Joe Biden recently admitted that his son Hunter had begun a romantic relationship with his other late son, Beau’s, wife. As if that wasn’t entirely strange enough, Hunter Biden was actually married during the time of their torrid affair and he ultimately left his family in favor for his brother’s widow. Beau Biden tragically succumbed to brain cancer in 2015 and following his death his wife, Hallie , began secretly seeing his younger brother Hunter. This has to be by far one of the more salacious and downright controversial scandals that we’ve witnessed in a while, but perhaps the most shocking part of it all is that Joe Biden gives the budding romance his stamp of approval. Say what!? The former VP of the USA released a statement saying that Hunter and Hallie “have mine and [my wife’s] full and complete support and we are happy for them." Yup...we're just as stunned as you are.

3 Luci Johnson Almost Burned Down The White House Down


The White House may be America’s hot-spot, but that moniker was almost taken too literally when Lyndon B. Johnson was in office. Only a mere few days after moving his family into the White House in 1963 at the very start of his presidency, LBJ’s daughter, Luci, came dangerously close to setting the American monument ablaze. The excited teen invited a friend to spend the night at her new digs, but when the girls attempted to light the fireplace in the Executive Mansion things went horribly awry. Neither Luci nor her counterpart knew what they were doing and their missteps lead to a small fire breaking out. Fortunately, the staff over at the White House managed to keep the flames at bay and no one got hurt in the process. The damage following the fire was minimal; Luci Johnson’s wild ways had some serious potential to completely destroy the presidential estate.

2 Tad Lincoln Was A Notorious Menace


Most children go through a rambunctious stage in their early years, and just because they lived in the White House doesn’t mean that the President’s children behaved any differently. Tad and his brother Willie were super young when their father Abraham Lincoln stepped into office, and the pair were often responsible for causing mayhem throughout the White House on a regular basis. The boys were well-known for their chaotic tendencies during Lincoln’s presidency, and when Willie suddenly died at the age of eleven due to a mysterious illness, Tad took full reign as the White House’s resident wild child. Lincoln’s son was responsible for some pretty savage pranks back in the day, from selling his parent’s belongings on the front lawn of the White House to “hitching goats to a sled and riding it through a reception hosted by the First Lady”. A sly young Tad even managed to free a turkey from the butcher’s block on Thanksgiving Day. Needless to say, the former first-child was certainly remembered for his rowdiness while his father was heading the country.

1 Alice Roosevelt Was The Original White House Wild Child


Of course, the White House has seen some out of control presidential offspring over the past couple of centuries, but many would argue that Alice Roosevelt set the tone for rebellious first-children very early on. Alice, who was the daughter of the nation’s twenty-sixth president, Theodore Roosevelt was indisputably her generation’s definition of a “party girl”. Alice was known to never conform to the rules and often went about life however she pleased, much to her famous father’s dismay. Roosevelt’s daughter often stood out from the crowd with her over-the-top fashions and found herself committing unthinkable offenses such as “smoking in public, chewing gum, and even carrying a snake with her to parties”. The President’s daughter was also guilty of riding in cars with men and staying out till all hours to party. While all of that may seem like tame compared to the kind of behavior we see today, back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Alice Roosevelt was about the scandalous modern day equivalent of Lindsay Lohan.

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