Four Children Steal Their Parent's Car And Go On A 600-Mile Road Trip

Four children in Australia recently stole their parents' car and made it almost 600 miles before being tracked down by police.

As children, we likely all threatened to leave home once or twice. When we were grounded or told we had to cut back on playing video games. We would respond by claiming that we were planning to run away. Some of us may have even followed through with it by sneaking out the door or hopping out of our bedroom windows.

However, the majority of us probably didn't make it very far or were simply making empty threats. You may have returned before your parents had even noticed you were gone. We might have been angry at our moms and dads for some reasons, but it didn't take us long to realize that without them, we would be in a lot of trouble.

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Clearly, four siblings in Australia didn't suffer from the same anxiety as we did when we would think about running away from home. CNN reported that the children, aged between 10 and 14, commandeered their parents' car and went on a road trip. Not just to the grocery store and back either. An almost 600 mile trip along Australia's beautiful east coast.

via CNN

They left a goodbye note for their parents, grabbed their fishing rods (naturally) and took off. What's even more worrying than a 14-year-old driving a four-wheel-drive Nissan patrol car is the prospect of a 10-year-old driving one. Considering the distance the children covered in the amount of time it took the authorities to find them, it is assumed that the quartet took it in turns to drive the car.

The kids left their home in Rockhampton, Queensland and were eventually stopped and taken into custody by the police in Grafton, New South Wales. That's a full 578 miles from where they started. The reason the four of them were eventually found was due to the trail of gas stations they were leaving in their wake where they would fuel up and drive off without paying. The unnamed minors could now face charges, and will probably be grounded from now until they are old enough to leave home for real.

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