Chip and Joanna Gaines Celebrate Baby Crew's First Birthday With New Instagram Photos

Joanna and Chip Gaines help celebrate baby Crew's first birthday with an adorable birthday party and perfect pictures of him turning one!

Fixer Upper stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, recently celebrated their son, Crew's, first birthday. Joanna shared on her Instagram a picture of her older children outside of her hospital room the day that Crew was born. The four older children, Ella, Emmie, Duke, and Drake were listening at the door in order to hear their newest brother come into the world. It was one of the sweetest pictures. Joanna also shared a few posts later that she knows that Crew is her fifth child because he is already one and she hadn't sent out his birth announcements yet. He is the fifth child, but he is loved just the same.

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Chip and Joanna were able to celebrate his first birthday with an awesome party. Both Chip and Joanna shared some of their favorite moments from the party. Joanna wrote that she could not believe that her baby is already one. She told her fans that her little boy is very easy to celebrate. She called him, "joyful, funny (and) easy going." The picture showed beautiful Joanna and sweet baby Crew smiling at the camera.

Chip's picture was a little more goofy, just like Chip, and it shows him taking a big bite out of Crew's birthday cake. Joanna is just smiling at her husband's silliness and baby Crew is looking very confused at his father. In the picture, you see a cute banner in the background. The photos are perfect and so amazing. The amazing couple cannot believe that this year has flown by so quickly and they are already celebrating his first birthday. Both Joanna and Chip shared quite a bit of pictures of Crew's first birthday. One of her photos she shared, "I promise this is the last one..." Joanna, you never have to apologize or justify why you are posting so many pictures. We love every single one of them! Doesn't every person love Chip and Joanna?

As expected, her fans took to the comments to tell Joanna that she is beautiful and that Crew is the cutest little baby ever. Joanna and Chip are such positive and uplifting people that they usually inspire other people to be positive and uplifting. Most of Joanna and Chip's fans are positive and leave great comments complimenting their life and the people that they are! Thank you, Joanna and Chip for sharing pictures with us of baby Crew and his first birthday. We love how you have welcomed all of us into your lives.

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