How To Choose The Safest Pacifier For Your Baby

Each parent must decide if they want to use a pacifier and consider the pros and cons, keeping in mind there will come a time when you will have to help the baby break the habit, which can be challenging.

However, given that some babies are born with a strong sucking reflex, pacifiers can help them relax as they grow accustomed to this strange new world they are born into. Therefore, for some fussy babies, it’s a great option to use a pacifier. If you choose to use one, there are some safety standards you should keep in mind.

Firstly, always wait until after the baby has gotten used to breastfeeding before starting them on a pacifier. One-piece silicone pacifiers are recommended over two-piece pacifiers since a two-piece pacifier may pose a choking hazard if it breaks or comes apart.

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Secondly, look at the packaging and check to see if the pacifier is BPA free. It should be labeled on the package. Also, purchase one that is dishwasher safe and has ventilation holes that will allow air to pass through the pacifier as baby sucks on it. Pacifiers come with different features. Some have a flat nipple while others are rounded.

Thirdly, it a good idea to buy a couple of different styles to see what your baby prefers. Once you find one they like, keep several backups on hand. You’ll also be grateful for having several lying around since they tend to disappear often.

Finally, all pacifiers will eventually deteriorate, therefore, it is important to occasionally check the condition of the pacifier to see whether it discolored and replace it once you see any sign of wear and tear. Also, avoid coating the pacifier in honey or sugar and don’t tie a pacifier to your child's crib or hand since it can be very dangerous and cause serious injury.

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A few good options to check out are the WubbaNub Infant Pacifier, which is sold at most major retailers. It’s pricier than other pacifiers but has a small stuffed animal attached to it that helps weigh down the pacifier. Also, the Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier, which is distributed in some hospitals, is also a great choice to start your baby off with.

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