Chris Hemsworth And 19 Other Celeb Dads Who Are More Paternal Than We Thought

Not every Hollywood dad seems cut out for fatherhood. Some appear to be either too much of a party boy, overly driven by their work, hilariously immature, or simply disinterested in the whole concept of having children. But fans have absolutely no idea about what's truly going on in their heads or in their homes. We like to think we do, but we certainly don't.

This is proven by this list of fathers who have ended up being far more paternal than we've previously given them credit for. One such member of this list is Chris Hemsworth. On first glance, we see Hemsworth merely as a hunky mega-celebrity who constantly makes action blockbusters and superhero movies such as Thor: Ragnarok and The Avengers: Infinity War. But this list proves that he is far more of a dad than we've previously given him credit for.

But he's not the only man on this list that's actually cut out for fatherhood. Whether fans are into good-looking A-listers, acerbic comedians, rockstars, trendy musicians, or athletes, there's bound to be a great celebrity dad on this list for everybody. Without further ado, here is Chris Hemsworth and 19 other celeb dads who are more paternal than we thought.

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20 Chris Hemsworth

Via: She Knows

Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, are incredibly active on their social media accounts. Both of them adore posting photos of their kids. This isn't abnormal, as most parents do this, but not every father appears as engaged with his kids as Hemsworth does. It seems like Thor himself is particularly keen on spending time with his three kids, India, Sasha, and Tristian. In most of his photos, he is taking them out on special surfing adventures. Some of the cutest images and videos are of Hemsworth leading his kids in a superhero camp or teaching them how to dance without a care in the world. But Hemsworth and Pataky's social media accounts also portrays Hemsworth as a nurturer, unafraid to show his kids that he is there for them.

19 Pharrell Williams

Who would have thought that this music producer and artist would have any time to raise children at all. The guy is so busy making tunes and appearing on shows that it seems unrealistic that he would be able to put in the time for his four kids. Then again, most people didn't know Pharrell was married, let alone was a father. This is because Pharrell has been so sly about his family life that it's actually quite impressive. Not only that, but it's also admirable, as he absolutely doesn't want his kids in the limelight. Heck, he hasn't even publicly released their names so they won't be hounded by the paparazzi.

18 Jay-Z

Via: People

Pharrell isn't the only music mogul that is notoriously private about his kids. Beyonce's music producing, singing, and rapping husband, Jay-Z, is also a Hollywood dad for the books. Although the paparazzi have been successful at snapping pictures of his three kids, Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir Carter (yes, that's actually his name), he makes sure that their lives remain theirs. Sure, he and his wife do take them to fancy events on occasion, but they know how valuable it is to let their kids actually be children. On top of this, Jay-Z comes across as a warm and loving, albeit strict, father. This is quite different than his original on-stage persona.

17 Howard Stern

Howard Stern is best known for his status as the greatest celebrity interviewer, a boundary pusher in comedy, and being incredibly open about his life on his Sirius XM radio show. But one thing he's continuously been private about is his three daughters. Stern has acknowledged that his daughters didn't sign up for the life he did. This is why he doesn't share information about them with his massive and loyal fanbase. Even in his books, including his upcoming anticipated third novel, he has remained silent. But, behind the scenes, he has been fiercely protective of them, even battling a theater director who wanted to use his daughter Emily to his advantage. Recently, we've seen Stern colorfully defend himself against Wendy Williams. So, you can imagine how much further he took it when his daughter's honor was at stake.

16 Jack Black

Via: Popsugar 

We suppose that the fact that Jack Black is a great dad isn't that farfetched. After all, he has made so many kids laugh in his movies. He also generally just seems like a free-spirited, fun guy. But many of these types of people don't end up making great parents. Either they're too immature or too selfish to actually look after a child. But this isn't the case for Jack Black, who considers himself a "helicopter parent" who constantly tries to protect his two sons. He also sees himself as a very strict parent in contrast to his life of partying. This strict parenting style has come from his brother, who passed away quite young. But even though Black is constantly looking after his sons it doesn't mean that he can't have fun with them.

15 Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is easily the type of guy who could be taking full advantage of his good looks and celebrity status. But it seems like he's long since passed the days where he would have. He's quite settled with his wonderful wife, Eva Mendes, and their kids. Although, you wouldn't know it since he does his best to keep his kids out of the spotlight and away from the paparazzi camera lens. Clearly, he feels very protective of his family. In an interview with GQ, he had this to say: "I feel so lucky… When you meet your kids you realize that they deserve great parents. And then you have your marching orders and you have to try and become the person that they deserve… My life [has] changed. And thank God it did."

14 Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is another handsome celebrity who could easily be out partying every night and having an absolute ball. But instead, he chose a life of obligation, leadership, and high-stakes responsibility; parenthood. This isn't to say that the musician and actor isn't as prolific as he used to be. But Timberlake makes sure he keeps his son's privacy as he continues his own job. His son, Silas, with actress Jessica Biel, is someone who is rarely seen on social media or on the streets. Instead, Timberlake and Biel keep the attention on themselves so the paparazzi don't pry about their son.

13 Jason Bateman

Via: Popsugar 

If you've ever seen or heard Jason Bateman interviewed, you'd know that he is a pretty big cynic and generally quite introverted. This is especially odd since he tends to play quite gregarious comedic leads. Perhaps this darker side makes him a stronger actor. But it doesn't necessarily lend itself to good parenting. Or, at least, maybe we thought it didn't. This is because Bateman is said to be a wonderful father to his two daughters with his wife of many years. The actor is also the type who keeps his daughters out of the spotlight and speaks very rarely about them. However, when he does, he gushes. This is a very proud pop who makes sure his kids don't get too much of the good life so they end up acting entitled.

12 The Rock

Via: Instagram

Anybody who has seen The Rock's social media page or heard him talk about his three girls in interviews would know that he is a really good father. In his social media posts, he often includes a heartfelt speech about how much his kids mean to him, the importance of their female energy, what they've taught him about life, and how he cherishes the interaction that they have. These comments are, of course, presented alongside some of the cutest images on the web. But the fact that The Rock is a good dad is a little offputting given the fact that he is so healthy and image-driven as well as a successful actor and businessman. How does he find the time? We suppose it doesn't matter because clearly, he does.

11 Larry David

Via: Nylon

Look no further than Cazzie David's amazing social media accounts, or her article about why she never wants to leave her father's side, to find out that the Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator is one of the best dads out there. Ironically, the writer and comedian loves to present himself as grumpy, slightly misanthropic, and highly opinionated. But not so far under that surface is an absolute sweetheart who is totally devoted to his two girls; Cazzie and Romy. David may not want everyone to know that he is such a wonderful father; after all, he's pretty, pretty, pretty private. But his daughters, friends, and other family members are quick to tell everyone just how paternal he is.

10 Ricky Martin

The mega-star Ricky Martin was one of the biggest party boys around. He also was just too busy to settle down and have kids. But in his later years, he and his husband enlisted a surrogate to carry and give birth to his twin sons. Suddenly, these two kids became the priority in his life and he became a domesticated dad who dotes on his boys. Martin is also open about the fact that he raised two boys who love to question and stay engaged with topics that may seem over their heads. As a result, he remains super open with them about his life and how the two of them have come to be. These are very admirable traits in a dad.

9 Channing Tatum

Via: Yahoo

When one looks at Channing Tatum, they usually see a hunky actor who is pretty driven by his job. They don't seem to immediately recognize the responsible, dedicated, and loving father that he is to his daughter with ex-partner, Jenna Dewan. If the photos of Tatum with his kid aren't enough to sway you into seeing him for the amazing dad that he is, his comments from 2013 certainly should. When promoting White House Down, he said, "I'm pretty sure that something about the [head of state] makes the stakes a little higher, but to me as a new father, nothing is more important or [worrisome] than protecting a daughter."  

8 Dave Grohl

Via: Zimbio

Rockstars don't usually have the reputation of being good dads. They tend to be dedicated to making music, touring their band, and hanging out with groupies. But this isn't the case for the extremely talented, prolific, and kindly Dave Grohl. The ex-drummer of Nirvana, and now lead singer and writer of the Foo Fighters, is widely seen as one of the most genuine people in the industry. Grohl understands that most people have a different image of a rockstar. He once said, "If my daughter ever comes home with a musician, I'll pull him aside and say, 'I'll get you a record deal if you stop [hanging] around with my daughter.'" This is how much he cares about his daughter, who he has not only written music for but also kept far away from the spotlight.

7 Russel Crowe

Via: Pinterest

Russel Crowe is no stranger to controversy and downright trouble. Based on his history, it's not easy to believe that he would be as paternal as he is with his boys. In many ways, being a great father to his kids may be one of the ways he looks for redemption in the eyes of skeptics. Crowe has a reputation of not wanting to spoil his kids. This is something he could easily do since he has the means and also is the parent who only gets to see his kids on weekends and school holidays. Although he knows he can't raise his kids as most "normal" parents do, he consistently shows that he cares about the type of people they become. This is incredibly admirable.

6 David Beckham

Via: People

Due to their pasts, neither David Beckham or Victoria Beckham seem like they'd be cut out for parenting. And with David Beckham's incredible soccer, endorsement, and modeling lifestyle, it's challenging to understand how he has the time to raise Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper. But the reality is, Beckham is an unbelievably dedicated father who is far stricter than one would have thought he is. For instance, he makes sure that the kids don't have more than an hour a day on any of their devices, especially television and video games. This is just one of the examples of parenting that Beckham is praised for.

5 Mark Wahlberg

When it comes to strict fathers, we may not find one stricter than The Departed, Ted, and Transformers star Mark Wahlberg. After all, he has stated that he would take on Harry Styles if he got anywhere near his daughters. The actor, and father of four, has a history of getting himself into troublesome predicaments and is no stranger to being a tough guy. But the tough-guy image has been molded into something far more suitable for raising kids. Although he doesn't get into his parenting style too much, he has shed light on how family-oriented he is on shows like Howard Stern's Sirius XM show.

4 Gilbert Gottfried

Via: Twitter

Almost everything comedian Gilbert Gottfried does and says pushes the limits and causes his fans to love him more and those who dislike him to increase their distaste. But both categories of people would probably be taken aback if they looked at his social media a little more closely. This is because he occasionally shows his softer side in posts and images that include his two kids. Additionally, in 2017, there was even a fabulous documentary made about him that showed just how loving of a dad he truly is. What was depicted was an unlikely father who authentically loves to spend time with his kids and get to know them better, even if he feels a little unprepared to do so.

3 Ashton Kutcher

If you were a That '70s Show fan, it's hard to imagine Michael Kelso as a willing father, let alone a good one. Ashton Kutcher's Kelso image has something that's stayed with him for many years, even though he has done different roles and entered the life of business and investments. Still, none of these things yell, "Ashton Kutcher's a great dad!" But if you've read any of the articles we've written about him and his wife, Mila Kunis, you'd know that this is one of the best fathers around. He's absolutely dedicated to raising kids who are self-sufficient and don't feel entitled to their parents' success. After all, they're being raised poor even though mom and dad have a ton of cash.

2 Dave Chappelle

Via: Frostsnow

After Dave Chappelle left the spotlight in 2006, he vanished for a little while. Many of his dedicated fans were upset that he left his life of comedy. But he was becoming an amazing father during that period, raising his three children in a tiny town in Green County, Ohio, far from where he became one of the most successful comedians and actors around. There, he was dedicated to his kids, as well as keeping them away from the paparazzi. Even after coming back into the spotlight with a number of Netflix comedy specials, SNL appearances, and his role in A Star Is Born, Chappelle has kept his family life private.

1 Donald Glover

Yes, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has kids. In fact, he has two of them with Michelle White. This is something that most people don't know because he has been absolutely private about that part of his life, allowing his kids time to grow up as normally as possible. He also doesn't want to be swarmed by opinions about how to parent his two kids. This is something that he and his wife want to do on their own. Glover has become dedicated to raising intelligent, informed, thoughtful, and generous kids. There's no doubt that this famous actor and musician is incredibly paternal.

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