How Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Successfully Co-Parent Their Son

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are working hard to co-parent their child.

When Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their separation the entire world shattered. Many people were shocked and sad about the split. Many fans questioned the possibility of any relationship lasting if Chris and Anna weren't able to make it as a couple. Some fans even commented about "there's no chance for the rest of us." From the outside, we always thought that they were the perfect couple and that they were meant to be together. After their split, many rumors came out about how maybe they weren't as perfect of a couple as we had thought they were.

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Either way, the couple had a beautiful child together that they were going to have to figure out how to raise together without being a couple anymore. Pratt and Faris have been working hard to co-parent their son and they have worked hard to support each other in their lives. Recently Pratt married Arnold Schwarzenegger daughter, Katherine, and Faris was in attendance.

Pratt and Faris share a six-year-old son named Jack. They both love him so much and they work hard to make sure Jack knows that they both love him more than anything. Faris said that she and Pratt follow one simple rule when it comes to their parenting, "we make sure that he’s surrounded by love and happiness.” She said that they constantly communicate with each other and make sure that they are on the same page. They do everything to make sure that they are protecting Jack. Faris said that Jack is so lucky to have a father that can provide so much for him and she is lucky that Pratt is such a great father to their son.

Faris knows that there is a high possibility that Chris and Katherine will be having a baby in the future and she is very excited for Jack to be able to have a brother or a sister. She is supportive of Pratt's new relationship and she said that "Katherine is awesome." We are hoping that they can all continue co-parenting so well and that Jack is growing up knowing that everything is for him and he is the center of their world.

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