Chris Pratt's Most Adorable Dad Moments

Chris Pratt is not only an amazing actor, starring in movies such as Avengers, Jurassic World, and Guardians of the Galaxy, but he is also a fantastic father. Pratt shares 6-year-old son Jack with his ex-wife Anna Faris and completely dotes on his little boy. Jack, who will be 7 this summer, makes red carpet appearances with his dad and poses for adorable photos on Pratt's Instagram.

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While Pratt himself is constantly in the public eye, his life as a dad is a bit more mysterious. So, we rounded up 10 of his sweetest father-son moments to share with fans!

10 Hand-In-Hand

If this isn't one of the sweetest father-son photos you've ever seen, then we don't know what is! Pratt and his son stand watching a tree being cut down on what appears to be the actor's farm. In his caption, Pratt showed his appreciation for the old tree and told his followers it was going to be made into furniture his family would enjoy for many years to come.

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Pratt shares his love of nature and the "farm life" with his little boy, who is seen appreciating the great outdoors right along with his actor dad.

9 Monster Jam Buddies

Pratt and his son enjoy fun outings together, such as this monster truck rally when Jack was a bit younger. Obviously the pair had a great time, as they both give the thumbs up while sitting in the back of a truck.

Jack may have to share his famous dad with the rest of the world, but the little dude is definitely making some super cool memories thanks to Pratt. Plus, we're sure Pratt's notoriety doesn't hurt when it comes to doing awesome things like riding in monster trucks!

8 Halloween Heroes

It's only right Pratt's son went as a Marvel character for Halloween 2017, and it appears the actor found some humor in Jack picking Captain America over Star-Lord! But what's a dad to do when his little one obviously has a mind of their own? Go with it!

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Pratt doesn't look too upset over Jack picking actor Chris Evans' character instead of his, though. It appears this duo enjoyed  dressing up and hitting the streets in search of candy, and we can't wait to see what Jack picks as his costume this year! Maybe it will be Star-Lord's turn?

7 Courtside Seats

The father-son duo enjoyed great seats at a Clippers game in December 2017, with Jack snacking on treats while cuddling up with Pratt. Sure, the actor looks super focused on the game in this photo, but there's no beating this epic bonding moment with his little son! Jack seems pretty content as well to just spend time doing super cool things with his dad, and that's really one of the best things about having kids, right?!

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This night out came after Pratt and Faris announced their impending divorce back in August 2017, but it doesn't appear to have negatively affected Jack too much as both parents are still friendly. Plus, he's able to spend time with mom and dad doing things like getting court side seats at Clippers games.

6 Walk Of Fame With The Family

Prior to their separation and subsequent divorce, Pratt and Faris took their young son to the revealing of the actor's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in April 2017. The little boy has the biggest smile on his face as he beams with pride for his dad's achievement.

We think it's super sweet of Pratt to have taken Jack out to see his star and pose for photos knowing just how much press would be there. It shows how dedicated Pratt is to being a father first and we support that all the way!

5 Marvel Movie Night

The Marvel actor took his son (and his brother) to see Thor: Ragnarok, and it appears they all loved the film! Jack is all smiles as he poses like his dad in front of the movie display, making for one of Pratt's sweetest Instagram posts in 2017. His fans commented saying Pratt and Jack are the cutest father and son bond ever, and we can't help but agree!

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We love seeing the actor so involved with his son and purely enjoy sharing in these special moments together! Keep the memories coming, Pratt!

4 Kid At Heart

It probably doesn't hurt that Pratt himself enjoys being silly and stars in movies such as The Lego Movie. It's obvious he and Jack have so much fun together and are creating some unforgettable memories!

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Fans can see the love this doting dad has for his son and it's adorable! It's hard not to smile along with them every time Pratt and Jack are spotted in public!

3 Family Day

Following his divorce from actress Anna Faris, Pratt started dating Katherine Schwarzenegger and the couple is now engaged. Pratt has been quoted as saying Jack played a big part in his relationship with Schwarzenegger as the little boy would accompany them on outings.

It seems Pratt wanted to make sure his potential wife and his son bonded before popping the big question. Schwarzenegger has also said seeing how great a father Pratt is to Jack only made her want to marry him more. So sweet!

2 Teaching Him How To Fish

Pratt posted this memorable moment to his Instagram back in 2017 when Jack was only 4 years 0ld. That's right, that's a 4-year-old posing with a barracuda in hand! Even Pratt expressed his surprise as his young son's willingness to pose with the fish.

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The actor went on to add that Jack tried barracuda sashimi after this photo was taken, and was even more proud of his son for being adventurous. If anything, this sweet photo shows the bond between the two, as they enjoy hobbies together and Pratt gifts his son new experiences.

1 Just Like Dad

Jack Pratt's dad may be one of the most notable actors in Jurassic World, but that doesn't mean the 6-year-old isn't going to obsess over the dinosaurs and their trainers at Universal Studios! Jack, pictured here in the blue helmet, rushed home to tell his dad all about meeting the "real" raptor trainer during his trip!

How sweet it is to see the little boy enthralled by "characters" from one of his dad's best movies! We're sure Pratt is proud to see his son so excited by all things Jurassic!

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