Chrissy Teigen Admits 15-Month-Old Son Miles Isn't A 'Chill' Baby

While her first child may have been easy-going, Chrissy Teigen said it’s the opposite with her second child, son Miles, who she recently admitted is ‘insane.’

Miles was born in March of last year. The 15-month old has an older sister, 3-year old Luna. Though Miles is a dead ringer for her musical father, it sounds like his personality is the exact opposite. The model said she expected her son to share her husband’s relaxed attitude, but it sounds like the little boy has inherited his mom’s spunkiness.

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“I thought he’d be super quiet,” the 33-year old recently revealed to Us Weekly. “I thought he’d be a little John [Legend], and I thought he’d be very chill, romantic and lovey — but no. He’s insane. You just never know!”

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However, just last November, the famous mom-of-three was saying the opposite. She acknowledged that not only did little Miles look like his dad, but he was also sharing similar personality traits. “Miles is a clone of John in so many ways,” she revealed at the time.

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She continued, “He literally has his personality type and face […] Even when Miles is sick and has a running nose and isn’t feeling good, he still smiles and is so happy, just like John. I’ve never seen him in a bad mood in all six months. He is a little version of John.” John, who married Chrissy in 2013, also piped in by agreeing with his wife. “It is pretty wild to see his face and mannerisms. They match mine so much,” he said.

Chrissy went on to add that daughter Luna is quickly developing a strong personality. But at the same time, the little one sounds well behaved and easy-going. “She’s an angel,” the cookbook author explained. “We just met with her teachers and they said great things about her. She’s already a great older sister. It’s just so cute.”

It certainly sounds like Chrissy’s kiddos are well behaved! Despite her children’s’ awesome personalities, the star opened up earlier this month about her and her husband’s plans to have more children… or lack thereof, we should say.

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While Chrissy, who used IVF with both of her pregnancies, didn’t rule out adding more children to their brood, she said that they have their hands full with their two tykes. Thus, they don’t have any immediate plans to have more children. “Gonna try to wait a few years before attempting again,” she wrote online. “These guys are exhausting!” Fair enough!

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