10 Times Chrissy Teigen Didn’t Hold Back About Her Marriage And Family

Chrissy Teigen is simply someone who likes to tell it like it is, regardless if she ends up embarrassing herself or her loved ones. With all of the outrageous things that she has said in the past, you’d think that husband John Legend would have something to say about it. Instead, he not only tolerates her unfiltered and oftentimes brash ways, but seems to love her even more for it. Talk about a lucky woman, right?

With that said, here are ten times Chrissy Teigen certainly didn’t hold back about her marriage and her family. When she’s got something to say, Chrissy is going to say it.

10 Her Bedroom Life

You can really leave it to Chrissy Teigen to shock someone when they’ve already been shocked to the core. Thankfully, her husband John Legend seems like a very loving, understanding person who doesn’t get embarrassed too easily. It's a good job because she sometimes likes to share some of the details of what goes on behind closed doors.

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For example, she once told her Twitter followers that it was 6pm and that she and John only left the bed to go to the bathroom. We are guessing that her fans assumed what she was talking about as she didn’t have to provide any more details.

9 She’s Not A Perfect Parent

Chrissy and John have two of the most adorable kids in the celebrity world: Luna and Miles. But according to the fashion model, she’s not a perfect parent and she certainly doesn’t pretend to be one, either. Even though she’s a hands-on mom that loves her children with all of her heart, she does admit that it gets tiring and frustrating to constantly look after them.

When a Twitter follower randomly asked Chrissy how her daughter Luna is doing, Chrissy replied with, “I dunno, I can’t find her.” Could you imagine another celebrity mom saying that? Gotta love her bluntness, right?

8 She Doesn’t Mooch Off Her Man

Chrissy might be successful in her own right but a lot of people like to assume that she married John Legend for reasons other than love. Of course, no one knows the truth about what goes on behind closed doors except for Chrissy and John themselves. But if there’s one thing that Chrissy doesn’t want to be called, it’s a gold digger.

She takes care of her man, people! According to People, Chrissy said, “I love cooking for my man. John is very successful, so people sometimes think that I am mooching off him. But we take care of each other in different ways.”

7 But She Did Marry Rich

The great thing about Chrissy Teigen is that she truly is an honest person and likes to say certain things out loud that other people wouldn’t dare to say. She knows that she’s hot, she knows that she got very lucky in life and she knows that she also “married rich” so to speak.

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Chrissy doesn’t need other people reminding her of that when she can say it herself. According to Your Tango, Chrissy once said, “I have a best selling book, great, a family I love, am literally eating pasta on a lake in Italy and I married rich."

6 Her Special Requests

As many people know, Chrissy is a huge foodie who loves cooking and baking in her kitchen. And when she needs six ripe brown bananas for a special banana bread recipe, you better believe that she will do anything possible to make it happen.

Back in 2017, she reached out to her Twitter fans for help. In exchange for the six bananas, she offered her husband’s underwear. And believe it or not, a fan did come up with the bananas and the exchange was made. When Chrissy makes a promise, she keeps her promise, even if it means having to give someone her husband’s undergarments.

5 She Teases Her Husband

If there is one thing that can be said about Chrissy Teigen, it’s that she certainly has a great sense of humor (of course, that all depends on who you ask). But with that said, Chrissy is also secure enough about her man and their marriage that she knows she can tease him and get away with it.

Sometimes she likes to pretend that she is flirting with the wrong person via text messages when in reality, she’s just trying to provoke John. Seriously, the man has the patience of a saint. According to People, Chrissy said, “I like to send John nudes and say ‘sorry wrong person.’”

4 Pregnancy Is Not Her Thing

When Chrissy was pregnant and not feeling her best, the world certainly knew about it. She definitely didn’t hold back when it came to all of her aches and pains and the funny and bizarre stuff that is associated with pregnancies. And when Chrissy tweets about it, you are surely going to get some good laughs from it.

Chrissy Teigen is no Duchess and she knows it. According to People, Chrissy said back in 2013, “Kate Middleton just gave birth to a future king and I just threw up wine almost into the toilet, it’s like we’re the same people.”

3 She Wants To Frame Her Husband

When Chrissy told her husband that he was going to be her husband forever, she wasn’t kidding. Chrissy once told the world that should anything ever happen to her, she wants to make sure that her husband never finds another woman to remarry.

That’s why she carries a little note in her pocket to make sure that John Legend remains Mr. Chrissy Teigen even well after her death. According to Your Tango, Chrissy once said, “I always have a note in my pocket that says ‘John did it’ just in case I'm murdered because I don't want him to remarry."

2 She Likes To Roast Her Husband, Too

Let’s face it: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are two very attractive people who make for a very attractive couple. And while there’s no doubt that she loves him, Chrissy does like to roast her husband on occasion.

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When she’s not poking fun of his old album covers or his love of the selfie stick, she does like to mock him and reminds him that he sometimes looks like the cartoon character Arthur. Well, it’s not like she’s totally wrong about it, right? He might look like a cartoon character, but like Chrissy points out, he’s a rich and successful looking one, too.

1 The Drop Kick And More

Just like most parents out there, Chrissy Teigen knows the horrors children are capable of. Even though she loves them to bits and pieces, she does admit that her kids often disrespect her like the one time that her daughter Luna kicked her in the face and then “farted in it.” I mean, what parent has not had that happen to them?

Thank goodness we have someone like Chrissy to keep things real. Some of us live for her gems about her family, her marriage and of course, all of the farts that happen in between.

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