Chrissy Teigen Releases Information About Baby #2

Chrissy Teigen has released super sweet information about baby number two with husband John Legend.

The couple welcomed their first son (and second child) on Wednesday May 16th. A couple of days later, the model took to social media to answer a fan question about her growing family. One Twitter user wanted to know if the new baby looked like his big sister, 2-year-old Luna. Teigen quickly replied, “they have the same nose”.

“Somebody's herrrrrrre!" Teigen shared on Twitter with a slew of baby and baby bottle emoji’s to make sure her point was clear announcing his arrival.


Later the mom of two, who is an avid social media user, also took to Twitter to express how she was feeling after the birth of her son.

“He is a few weeks early so he’s litttttttle and makes the teeniest noises. We are in love,” she revealed.

What the model or the singer has yet to reveal is the little guy’s name. Days after announcing he was here, the couple have yet to share any personal information about their baby boy. No name, weight, length etc. Now, that could very well be because he was early or because they just want a little private family time. Whatever the reason, it will likely not be that long before Teigen uses social media to share more details about her son.

it's john's!

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John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen have welcomed their second child. They announced last November they were expecting again by having daughter Luna share the news in an adorable Instagram video. In February the model spilled the beans on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that the couple were having a baby boy and he was due to arrive sometime in June.

As of last month, Legend and Teigen said Luna really understood the concept of having a little brother. In fact, the singer admitted to being a little worried his only daughter was not prepared for the life change that was about to happen. Now that the little guy is here, we can’t wait to hear what Luna thinks of her baby brother and see adorable pictures of the two siblings together.


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