Chrissy Teigen Worries Luna Will Hate New Baby Like She Hates New Bravo Stars

Mom Chrissy Teigen worries her daughter Luna will hate her new baby brother, juts like the model hates some of the new Bravo stars.

Like any mother expecting their second child, Teigen is worried her firstborn won’t like the new baby. However, the model has managed to relate her concern back to how she feels about many of the Bravo stars.

"I'm scared Luna is gonna hate her baby brother because I have a really hard time welcoming new bravo cast members," the mom shared Monday on Twitter.

In true Teigen fashion, she not only made her legit concerns about her child relatable, but she did so with her undeniable wit and humor. Using the Bravo stars in her analogy is nothing other than perfection. Fans of the series, such as The Real Housewives of New Jersey, often don’t necessarily like new cast members at first.

Teigen is a Bravo super fan, so she definitely knows what she is talking about when it comes to the network’s shows. However, it is unclear if her tweet was serious or if she was simply making a joke. Twitter didn’t seem to care either way, as comments flooded in with stories of new siblings and Bravo TV shows.

“She will need to hold a luncheon and give him the side eye, act like besties for the camera, then talk smack behind his back. Like a professional," tweeted @hellosebbie.

“I straight up thought my little brother was a doll/gift for me. Got pissed AF when I found out it didn’t talk, walk or do anything but sleep and poop. Gift level= mediocre," tweeted @rickisannn.

Chrissy Teigen is going to be a mom of two in just a few weeks. She tweeted her concerns about her daughter Luna liking her baby brother, using her dislike of new Bravo cast members as a comparison. John Legend’s wife never seems to fail at being funny and making people believe she is just like them. Teigen rocks at social media and she is always oh-so-entertaining.

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