Chrissy Teigen Gets Real About Her Postpartum Body

Chrissy Teigen gets real about her new post-pregnancy body and we love her even more!


We love Chrissy Teigen! She is always real and she is always telling us the truth about all aspects of her life. We hear her share her raw feelings about marriage, parenthood, labor, and even her sex-life! We can always trust her to get real with us and to be very open and candid! The latest raw moment that Tiegen shared was about her "new" body after having her child. Many times we hear about celebrities desperately trying to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back and to get back into shape as quickly as possible. Just a few days ago we shared that Jessica Simpson has already hired a personal trainer since she just recently gave birth to her daughter Birdie.

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Chrissy Teigen shares that she is in no hurry to get her pre-pregnancy body back and that she has just accepted that this is her new body and she is okay with her body. The conversation sparked, because many mommy-shamers comment about her weight and one fan asked, "how do you eat like that?" The comment was directly pointed at the fact that she doesn't always eat healthy and she is a little bigger than she used to be before children.

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She responded to her fans by saying that she is 20 pounds heavier than she was before she had her son Miles. She admitted that she never lost the last bit and he is 10 months old. She said she didn't lose the weight, because she just loves food too much. She is okay and has come to grips with her new normal. She said that she would much rather big bigger and happier than skinnier and miserable. She was very tiny after having her daughter Luna, but that is because she was severely struggling with post-partum depression and never had the desire to eat. She said that she would way rather feel the way that she feels.

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We aren't sure how people so easily notice celebrities weight. We had no idea that she was heavier. We were too busy being in constant awe of how beautiful and awesome she is and what great of a mother she is to her two children. When will people realize that happiness is so much more important than weight? When are people going to realize that weight doesn't determine worth? When are people going to stop asking other people about their weight? Chrissy you are beautiful. You don't look heavier. Even if you were 400 pounds heavier, we would still love you so much! Ignore the haters!

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