Chrissy Teigen Responds To Fan Expressing Concern For Her Daughter's Safety

Model, TV personality and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, 33, is great at setting people straight whenever someone comes after her on social media. It doesn't matter if the person insulting her is a politician, celebrity or a nobody Internet troll- no one is off-limits. Her responses vary from sarcastic pointed to anger, depending on what's necessary. Needless to say, Teigen is unafraid to speak her mind.

We saw this go down yet again recently over on Teigen's Twitter page. A fan expressed concern for the safety of her daughter, Luna, and she responded. But instead of being incredibly snarky, Teigen took a softer approach.

The post in question was a Twitter video of Teigen cooking with the three-year-old daughter she shares with her husband, singer/songwriter John Legend. Teigen was cooking up a tasty chicken dish and had Luna sitting on the kitchen counter to help out.

via Twitter.com/chrissyteigen


She asked her little girl, "Are you going to help me serve it, Luna?", and the toddler nods in response. Then, Luna spoons some sauce on the chicken. During that time, you can see her inch closer to the stove so that she can reach the plate of chicken to put sauce on it. This part had one fan worried enough to send out a Tweet to Teigen for the sake of her little girl.

"I love you love you. But please get that girl away from the stove, even if it’s off," the fan responded to the video.

Teigen was quick to reply to this kind yet concerned Tweet with, "We’re good. I’m clearly right here. And she has spent most her life in the kitchen. It’s been off for hours."

Some fans may have been rude in responding to Teigen's video; something she's dealt with time and time again. Mom shaming is something that the model has unfortunately become all too accustomed to. But a calm reply expressing a regular concern that's only fair. It's nice to see a celebrity and a fan interact without being so nasty to one another!

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