Chrissy Teigen Says Parents Sometimes Need To Lie To Kids

Even though Chrissy Teigen is someone who likes to tell it like it is on social media, she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with telling a little lie to your children once in a while. As a matter of fact, the celebrity mom has even admitted that sometimes it’s even important to lie to your kids, as it’s something that she has done herself with her two children, Luna and Miles.

While Teigen does lie on occasion, she's not a liar. Speaking to Oprah Magazine, the supermodel says that she applies one very special parenting rule that she learned from her own mother on occasion with her kids. She says that she talks to her children the same way that she would talk to her husband John Legend, her family members or her friends. Teigen admits that is one thing that her own mother always did with her and one of the reasons why she is such a good communicator these days. However, she says that there’s also a huge difference between parents who “lie all time,” and parents who lie out of necessity.

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The mother of two explains, “I do think there are lies that are important. Like one time my friend told me that she says 'Oh honey, when the ice cream man has his music on, that means he's out of ice cream.' I think those lies are funny. We definitely do some of those ourselves for sure, but for the most part you can just be honest with them. They're smart little beings, and everything registers to them. So yeah, just be upfront, honest, and they'll learn.”

Teigen also says that her daughter Luna is very inquisitive with her. Whenever the young tot asks her questions, Teigen does her best to explain to her what she’s doing, where she’s going and how long she will be gone, especially if she has to work.

She said, “Luna is at the perfect age right now where she's like, ‘Where are you going? I see you getting dressed. Are you going somewhere?’ But as I said, we're just very honest. ‘Mommy's going to go to work. She'll be back at six o'clock, and then were going to take a bath, and we're going to have dinner together, and we're gonna have so much fun when I get home. Okay?’ She knows that, and she’s so good with it.”

Teigen explained that she also plans on being very open and honest about social media, especially when her kids are old enough to have accounts of their own. She admits that as much as she wants to protect and shield her kids from some of the more dangerous aspects of the internet, like many parents out there, there are also positive aspects to it as well. She said that one of the reasons why she won’t banish social media in her house is because the more you forbid kids to do something, the more curious they are about it. That’s a statement that many parents can agree with.

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Teigen continued, “I think it's important to be very open and honest and let them know the repercussions of it—and also that it can be a really wonderful place to connect with people, too. I don't know what I would do without it, it's been an amazing place for me. But I was also an adult when I got into it, so I had more of an ability to see the perks and the downfalls.”

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