Chrissy Teigen Shows Her Stretch Marks

One of our favorite celebrity moms, Chrissy Teigen, is sharing with her fans that even she is susceptible to stretch marks after pregnancy.

Teigen, 32, shared with her Instagram followers a video of her midsection, along with an emoji of a crying face. Visible in the photo is a tiny patch of stretch marks.

Teigen was quick to assure her fans that even she cannot avoid some of the physical pitfalls of being a mother. Not even the most funny and famous are immune!

The actress/model just gave birth to her second child, a son named Miles Theodore Stephens. He joined the family on May 17th of this year. Teigen has also posted an array of photos of her newborn and his big sister, Luna, age 2.

Teigen is a fan favorite because she has never censored herself on any social media platform. She is honest, straight to the point, and has the ability to laugh at her mistakes. Many mothers can relate to the trials and tribulations that Teigen is facing, and her public declarations on the hardships of being a mom make other women feel kinship.

The model and her musician husband, John Legend, struggled with fertility issues. As they have shared their issues on social media they have invited the public to see that although they may be rich and famous, they face many of the same problems that other couples do. Teigen has urged her fans who are going through IVF to stay strong, and has talked of her own disappoints throughout the journey.

Lucky for Teigen, she has two beautiful children to show for all of her efforts.


Refinery29 reported that the new baby's name holds a lot of significance to his famous parents.

John Legend elaborated on this. "We named our first daughter Luna Simone Stephens, and every name we give to our kids will have a little bit of musical history," he commented. "So Miles, of course, is the same name as the great Miles Davis."

Luna, likewise, has musical legends hidden within her name. Luna Simone Stephens was named for the great Nina Simone, an African-American songstress who is an American icon.

Chrissy Teigen has managed, yet again, to prove that even though she has been ranked one of Forbes' highest paid models (after Gisele Bündchen), she is only human. Carrying a child in your body is a tough process, and there are effects from it that everyone can be susceptible to. Even if you are a highly successful and beautiful famous model.

We cannot wait to see what Chrissy will share with us next.


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