10 Tweets That Prove Chrissy Teigen Is The Coolest Mom

Model and mom Chrissy Teigen keeps all of her social media followers entertained on a daily basis. One of the most glorious aspects of Teigen's humor is the fact you don't actually have to be a parent to find her mom jokes and experiences utterly amusing. Sure, she may be a swimsuit model and married to one of the most sought after R&B singers, but Teigen isn't afraid to keep it real.

Sometimes, she keeps it too real and those are the moments we live for. Like when she shared the brutal truth of what it's really like to give birth and the havoc it wreaks on a female's body. Yup, she went there. And it was hilarious.

Don't worry, these other posts about being a mother are not so graphic, but show just how cool of a mom Teigen is as she shares her motherhood journey through tweets.

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10 She's Fluent In Baby Talk

We all know the struggle of trying to understand a toddler's words too well. How are we supposed to know "peauhh" means the kid is trying to tell you their favorite food is pizza? The best part, and by "best" we mean worst, is when little kids start to become frustrated and cry when they aren't understood.

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But apparently this isn't an issue for Teigen as she clearly can decipher just what her daughter means even when she speaks gibberish. And we think that's a pretty dang awesome mom power.

9 When She Built Luna The Coolest House On The Block

Sure, most of us did have some type of fort when we were younger, but this is above and beyond a Little Tikes plastic playhouse. Teigen not only picked out this ridiculously adorable wooden cafe playhouse for Luna, but also hired someone to assemble it. Yup, Luna's playhouse is so cool that it required professional assembly.

Teigen didn't stop there, though, as she plays restaurant with her daughter and even graced her with an "A" rating. If this doesn't scream "coolest mom ever!" then we don't know what does.

8 Even Her Baby Loves Good Barbecue

Just about everyone knows of Teigen's love of cooking and this includes her youngest child, 11-month-old son Miles. Some parents may shy away from giving a not yet 1-year-old barbecue ribs to chew on, but not this momma.

Teigen shared this fun moment of Miles eating like a big boy as he chowed down on some home cooked barbecue. We personally love the fact Miles is enjoying his mom's cooking as he explores new foods.

7 When She Welcomed Peanut Butter Into The Family

First, we have to acknowledge the fact Teigen has stated on several occasions husband John Legend does not like rodents. The mother of two has made it very clear Legend goes out of his way to avoid Peanut Butter. This means Teigen is the one having to interact with the pet and make sure it's cared for properly.

Secondly, what a fun mom to buy their 3-year-old a hamster! There's no way Luna is the one caring for Peanut Butter on a daily basis, which means Teigen was willing to take on this responsibility herself just so her daughter could enjoy owning a hamster. We're pretty sure Luna will have a pony by the time she turns 5 years old.

6 When She Reminds Us She's A Model And Mom

Sometimes it's easy to forget Teigen is a Hollywood mom and swimsuit model. But tweets like this one remind us that she's slaying in all categories: mom, model, cookbook author, and host all while maintaining a hilarious persona. Not only is she funny, but Teigen also stands up to "mommy shamers" as she tweets about real life issues faced by parents- such as needing a healthy glow while breast feeding. Standing up for herself and not allowing negativity to dictate her life makes her one awesome mom in our book.

5 She Lets Her Kids Get Their Hands Dirty In The Kitchen

Little Luna is constantly photographed and videoed helping her momma in the kitchen, and it's pretty impressive! Not only is it impressive for a 3-year-old to help season ribs and chicken, but it's equally as impressive for Teigen to have the patience to allow her toddler to help make dinner.

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Of course, the word "help" is used loosely here as Luna probably makes more of a mess than actually cooks, but that's what makes this so special. Cooking intricate dinners with a toddler in tow has to be hard work, and we applaud Teigen for including her kids during meal prep.

4 She Brought The Easter Bunny To Life

Okay, maybe she had Legend play the Easter Bunny, but we all know this was all Teigen's brilliant idea.

Having the "real" Easter Bunny show up to deliver eggs is certainly something Luna will remember for the rest of her life as she can fondly look back at these photos. And creating such a fun, long-lasting memory is so cool of Teigen as we're sure she had her hands full planning a party and taking care of the household. This is just one example of why we love her out of box thinking and parenting!

3 She Encourages Luna To Be Herself

As most fans and followers of Teigen can tell you, Luna loves dressing as princesses. And Teigen does not try to stop her daughter from expressing her interests or from dressing herself.

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Sure, Luna loves being a princess but as you can clearly see, she also loves playing with dinosaurs and other random toys. Teigen goes with the flow and allows her toddler to express her individuality, even if it means spending the week dressed as a dinosaur-loving Cinderella and watching Frozen for the 100th time.

2 She Records All The Milestones, Even The McDonald's Milestone

It's 2019 and society has an obsession with avoiding processed food. However, Teigen is not over-stressing the small things, such as letting Luna enjoy a Happy Meal once in a while. Teigen also documented the clever way she encourages her daughter to eat as the 3-year-old is a picky eater.

In another post, the thoughtful mom showed off a menu she made for Luna to "order" the meal of her choice. This suggestion was meant to allow Luna the choice of what to eat with the hope she would, you know, actually eat. If you're thinking this sounds like a lot of work, you're right. It is a lot of work for Teigen, but having a child who doesn't eat is one of the most stressful things for a parent, and Teigen used her creativity to come up with a fun solution.

1 She Knows She's Cliche, But Is Totally Okay With It

Teigen can laugh at herself and doesn't take anything too seriously, including what people think about her parenting. Not only is this a good life motto to have, but is also showing her kids they don't need to impress everyone in order to be happy.

We love Teigen's feisty personality and ability to joke about life, which we think makes her a pretty cool mom to have.

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